So long independent music radio, Nashville

The Nashville Scene is reporting that 91.1 WRVU (Vanderbilt’s independent college radio station) has been acquired by classical music station WPLN and will become Classical 91 One (WFCL).  It will offer classical music all day, every day freeing WPLN to pursue all-NPR programming.

YAY!  Finally!!!!  The independent voice is gone in Nashville radio.  Think how easy it will be to enjoy commercial driven Top 40 and Country without having to worry about using your head.  You NO LONGER HAVE TO THINK for yourself Nashville, you can sit back and be spoon fed.  Here’s to being fat and….. FAIL.

There is still a chance that we can make a difference during the FCC’s public comment period.  Check out the Save WRVU website, buy a shirt, make some calls, send emails, try to make your voice heard.

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  1. or just rock you some stravinsky. he made the french riot when they premiered rites of spring.

    or how about this… we got all kinds of music in Nashville. Country, Western, Classical. All kinds.


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