Get To Know: New Local Rockers Reality Something

Reality Something-2015-620

One of the most common questions we get when meeting fans of the site, “What are you listening to right now?”  Honestly, that question is hard sometimes. With an email inbox that literally explodes every day of the week.  It is hard to pin down and spend a ton of time with new music.  But, every now and then, we get a submission that perks the shit out of our ears, has us pinging other writers to ask if they have heard it, and generally makes what we do rewarding.  Today, if asked, that answer would be easy – Reality Something.  The alternative power pop outfit are fronted by Elena Franklin, and feature Adam Swafford on drums and bass and former Turbo Fruits guitar slinger Kingsley Brock.

Have a listen to their debut self titled EP below to get in the know, and make sure you mark your calendar for Dec. 1, when we have them confirmed to play our Acme Feed & Seed showcase.

More from Reality Something | BandcampInstagram | Spotify

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome!!! Congratulations on the start of something huge. Love the music and the gorgeous artful photography Elena- I’ll go out on a limb and say it makes Philip,Steven, and me very happy you’re reliving our sordid youth through music. All the best


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