[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Joel Levi Debuts “Middle of Everywhere” Ahead of Self-titled LP


We’ve been tuned onto the musical talents of Indiana transplant Joel Levi for a while now, and the last time we caught him live, we couldn’t help but notice some tremendous lyrical growth on his new songs. That’s not to say he was lacking before, but Music City has a knack for rubbing off on artists, thus helping them to step up their game to ever higher levels. It also helps to be born with a natural gift for songwriting, which Joel certainly was.

With his new self-titled record on deck for a May 4 release, we’ll all be able to enjoy an album’s worth of the sensational new martial as we roll into the summer. The first new single, “Will We Ever Change?,” was an honest glimpse at a life rife with marital dispute, and how the narrator finds release. Now Joel is ready to unveil more of what he’s been working on with our exclusive premiere of new single “Middle of Everywhere,” which has a more windows down, summer road trip aspect to it.

“It’s got a lot of early ’90s Petty vibe to it,” Joel explained via e-mail. “‘Middle of Everywhere’ is a song about longing. When you’re out on the road playing shows, you can really miss home. I wanted to write a song that captured that feeling, but also still had a positive edge to it.”

With his Springsteen-esque ability to write true, red blooded American-feeling characters, into folk/Americana inspired rock arrangements, we think he’s describing his sound pretty near spot on. Of course you don’t have to take our word for, because you can see him for yourself locally this spring before he embarks on a southeast summer tour, and midwest tour this fall. Details on a Nashville record release show are still in works, so stay tuned for that, but until then, jam out to “Middle of Everywhere” below!

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Jack Berry Debuts Live Performance Video for “Bad Dog” Ahead of New EP


Spending a lot of time all around the U.S., but originally hailing from Reno, NV, Jack Berry has been calling Music City home for a few yers now, and we’ve been following the trajectory of the indie rock flavored bluesman from the start.  We were such fans of Berry’s last release, a kickass 2016 full-length entitled Mean Machine, that we helped him debut the single “Cole,” and we’re happy to report that Jack’s been recently hard at work in the studio on his next project. He’s planning on it being an EP, and keeping a winning pairing going, he’s teamed up with producer Luke Forehand again, at the same Nashville studio where they created Mean Machine together.

“Essentially the entire EP was knocked out in live sessions over the span of a few days,” Berry said via e-mail. “I feel like sonically the framework has been laid for the attitude of what’s trying to be conveyed. What’s to come, is going to have a little more character. I plan to let the tracks breathe a little more […] let the groove speak up.”

Look for new singles this spring, followed by the new EP soon after. For now, enjoy a live performance video for “Bad Dog,” a standout track off of his last record. The video was recorded and produced by OKY productions, during Jack’s most recent studio sessions. It’s part of a series of videos from the production duo (Luke Forehand & Matthew Hornbeck) dubbed “OKY Sessions,” which will feature other area artists performing live. So click on after the break to check out Jack’s performance, and stay tuned to No Country for more on his new EP.

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Moon Taxi Drop New Video for “Not Too Late”


Like most Music City residents, we’ve been singing the praises of local alt rockers Moon Taxi for years, and have delighted in watching them earn the national credit they deserve over their past several releases and increasingly high-profile tours. It’s always awesome to see local musicians break out big, but the best part of all is Moon Taxi did it the hard way, grinding out local gigs, touring all over the nation, and playing every major American fest on the circuit worth mentioning (this year it’s In Bloom Fest, Bonnaroo, Cathead Jam, and Sloss Fest). After earning a cult following around the region with a trio of early releases, the group got major radio love for their highly acclaimed 2015 effort Daybreaker. After marathon tour after tour, Moon Taxi dropped their buzzed about followup, Let the Record Play, just last month, which has already made its way onto our Spotify playlist (and countless others) in the form of the tasty first single “Too High.”

As their latest LP continues to amass praise, the band recently released a video for their latest single, “Not Too Late.” The high school angst showcased in the spot should strike a chord with almost everyone, as viewers follow three different characters, each one overcoming different obstacles. The longing themed lyrics and ’80s style guitars match the visuals perfectly, transporting us back to feeling like teenaged dreamers in simpler times. Click on after the jump to enjoy Moon Taxi’s latest!

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Catch Daddy Issues, The Jag, Microwave Mountain, Reality Something, Sad Baxter, Idle Bloom,& More | TONIGHT @ Spewfest 3


The third annual installment of local indie label Cold Lunch Recordings’ epic showcase, Spewfest 3 is so packed with amazing talent, we can hardly believe they’re all in town at the same time! As with all things associated with the tastemakers at Cold Lunch, the bands on the various bills will all be psych/garage/punk/lo-fi friendly, and this year’s event boasts two venues, three stages, and a staggering 31 performers. In addition, food will be available from Taco Terry’s Tacos and Burritos, plus liquid lights by Silver Cord Cinema and projection art by eNIMAL of The Southern Demon Herd will be displayed at some of the shows.

Speaking of shows, once you get into the nitty gritty of these various stage lineups, you’ll notice some prominent local favorites we’ve covered before, like Daddy Issues, Reality Something, Idle Bloom, Lasso Spells, Sad Baxter, The Medium, Really Nice Guys, Solar Twin, Fever Blush, Keeps, and Diamond Carter, as well was psych rock quintet The Jag, garage Americana rockers Microwave Mountain, scussy punk outfit Butthole, acid pop performers Twen, experimental post-punks Telefones, plus Leggy, Spodee Boy, Pinkest, DancersBoa, Kinhin, Supermelt, Black Moon Mother, Country Westerns, SEXX, Stuyedeyed, Lady Legs, Spirit Week, Flesh Eater, and Lacquer. For just $12, you get access to both venues and all the bands, but keep in mind that while The East Room offers entry for those of you who are 18+, the The Cobra is strictly a 21+ venue.

Music starts at The East Room around 4:15 p.m. and will be raging well into the wee hours of the morning, so pace yourselves people. For a full rundown of who is playing where and when, check out the schedule below. If all this still isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, be sure to click on after the jump to sample most of the bands goods ahead of time. This is going to be one of the best, local-centric, one-day only events of the entire year, so get out there to be part of what makes Music City so wonderfully unique; our underground DIY indie rock scene, and if you’re just getting hip to said scene, consider Spewfest 3 your baptism by fire.

Puke Stage (front room of The Cobra):

5:15pm – Lacquer
6:00pm – Spirit Week
6:45pm – Telefones
7:30pm – Lady Legs
8:15pm – Sad Baxter
9:00pm – Really Nice Guys
9:45pm – Stuyedeyed
10:30pm – SEXX
11:15pm – Country Westerns
12:00am – Microwave Mountain

Nashville Psych Alliance Stage (back room of The Cobra):

4:45pm – Black Moon Mother
5:30pm – Supermelt
6:15pm – Kinhin
7:00pm – Solar Twin
7:45pm – The Medium
8:30pm – Twen
9:15pm – Boa
10:00pm – Lasso Spells
10:45pm – Keeps
11:30pm – The Jag

Stringjoy Stage (The East Room):

4:15pm – Flesh Eater
5:00pm – Dancers
5:45pm – Diamond Carter
6:30pm – Pinkest
7:15pm – Butthole
8:00pm – Spodee Boy
8:45pm – Fever Blush
9:30pm – Leggy
10:15pm – Idle Bloom
11:00pm – Reality Something
11:45pm – Daddy Issues

Spewfest 3 will take place today, February 10 at The Cobra and The East Room. The shows are 18+ (at The East Room) and 21+ (at The Cobra). Music begins at 4:15 p.m. (doors at 4 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $12, which grants access to both venues.


Don’t Miss The Nude Party w/ Ranch Ghost & Lasso Spells | TONIGHT @ The East Room


Since they burst onto the scene in 2014 with their spectacular release Forbidden Fruits, we have been huge fans of ’60s flavored psych/garage rockers The Nude Party. Despite getting their start in the peaks and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, NC, the six man ensemble have been known to also dip into surf rock riffs, with splendid keyboard work and howling vocals that bring to mind legends of bygone eras like The Doors, and when you see their incredibly high-energy live show, you’ll understand why that comparison isn’t just hyperbole. The equally epic Hot Tub EP followed in 2016, and they’ve been touring nearly nonstop ever since. Honestly, we’re shocked they haven’t been picked up by a label yet, but we have a feeling that it’s not to0 far from happening. After taking up residency in the Catskill Mountains, tales of a self-titled full-length have been building for over a year now, and we look forward to seeing what they’ve been working on when they melt skulls at The East Room tonight, Jan. 20.

With help from local rock scene staples Ranch Ghost, and friends of the blog Lasso Spells, this gig has the potential to be the first best show of 2018. Music starts at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.), and you got all this talent for just $5 at the door. The headliners will be rounding out their extensive North American Paper Trail Tour in early February, and then we imagine they may take some time off to finish the new record, so jump on this opportunity to see one of the best unsigned bands in all the land for cheap, before they’re selling out much bigger venues with ease. If you’re familiar with all the group’s work, you know this is a not-to-be-missed-event, and if you’re not hip, trust us, just go. For the latter group; you can thank us later when you have a new favorite band.

The Nude Party, Ranch Ghost, and Lasso Spells will perform tonight, Jan. 20 at The East Room. The show is 18+, begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8), and tickets are available to purchase at the door for $5.

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