Don’t Miss Sum 41 w/ Broadside | TONIGHT at The Cowan


Formed in 1996 in Ontario, Canada, seminal rockers Sum 41 were a staple of the early ’00s pop punk explosion, breaking out with 2001 full-length debut All Killer No Filler, and becoming certifiable, worldwide stars by the following year’s followup, Does This Look Infected? At their heyday, Sum were as huge as other titans of the scene like Blink-182, Green Day, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte, set apart by their particularly mischievous, defiant style and attitude, and tendency to incorporate more metal-leaning influence and guitar solos into their fast-paced sound.

While Sum 41 never broke up, going on to release another three well-received LPs between 2004 and 2011, and continuing to tour and take part in events like Warped Tour, their activity slowed at the start of this decade, with frontman Deryck Whibley’s health problems coming to a head by 2014. Soon after bouncing back, however, the band began work on new music, and the following year, original guitarist Dave Baksh returned to the group after nearly a decade absent. By 2016’s sixth album 13 Voices, Sum were once again in full swing, and recent years have seen renewed interest, buzzworthy tours, and an anniversary run for Does This Look Infected?

Earlier this year, the legendary punks paid extra fan service with an especially intimate run of small clubs, which brought them back to Nashville for the first time in years for a special outing at The Basement East. And just a few months later, the group turned their attention forward with brand new seventh LP Order in Decline, a hard-hitting, unabashedly metal effort which brought them a whole new wave of attention. In something of a surprise, but a welcome one, Sum were swift to announce a Music City return, this time for a more appropriately sized room, headlining Topgolf’s The Cowan tonight, Dec. 17 with Virginia pop punks Broadside! A second chance to see Sum 41 this year for those who missed out, or a round two for those hoping to hear their new tunes, it’s sure to be a stellar way to wind down the year, and limited number of tickets are available as of writing right here. Don’t miss out!

Sum 41 and Broadside will perform tonight, Dec. 17 at The Cowan at Topgolf. The show is all ages, doors open at 6 p.m., and tickets are available to purchase for $38.

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