Watch Daniella Mason Squad Up with Cam, Alanna Royale, Bantug, and More for “Woman Lover Powerful” Video


Nashville pop artist, songwriter, and vocal superstar Daniella Mason got a whole squad together in the video for her single “Woman Lover Powerful.” The visual production features heavy hitters in the Nashville music community: Cam, Alanna Royale, Bantug, Sinclair, Jamiah, Robyn Harris, Nightbirde, Jacqueline Day and Carine Abraham. The all-star affair shows a studio hang with a gorgeous color palette and pop-up quotes from Dolly Parton, Rebecca West, and Lucille Ball.

Mason says, “I wanted this video to tell the story that I’ve been storing deep in my belly for a long time— the rage and triumph over what society has demanded from me as far back as I can remember,” Mason tells Billboard. “But I didn’t want it to be a lonely tale of an angry woman scorned. I wanted to inject a sense of camaraderie, a sense of diverse thought and emotion, and all the things we are. I wanted to inject my community. Cue: all of my favorite Nashville lady artists joining me in my quest!”

“Woman Lover Powerful” is an affirming anthem that amplifies the perspective of strong women in Mason’s life. “I wrote this for every woman who has been made to feel less than, or has been told to pick a lane, or to sit down, or to be quiet,” she says. “I hope this can serve as a reminder of our power, when days get long and hard.”

The “Woman Lover Powerful” video drops ahead of the early 2020 release of Mason’s upcoming Physical State EP. Physical State is a continuation of her State of Mine sound series that includes previously released EPs Mental State and Emotional State. Mason has consistently been a No Country favorite since dropping “Shade of You” back in 2014, so we’re looking forward to the artist’s big 2020 plans! Watch the video for “Woman Lover Powerful” below.

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