[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] MELD Unveils “Easy on the Game” Video | Catch Her TONIGHT @ The East Room


We’ve been watching the success of local singer MELD for awhile now. From the release of her first single to stellar debut EP, H.U.R.T., which arrived back in January, the cinematic, r&b musical vehicle of Melanie Dewey has been making a statement in both her music and her approach. Still riding on the buzz of H.U.R.T., an acronym for “Healing Under Rising Truth,” MELD was drawn to create a visual narrative to the single “Easy on the Game,” which is a cry for humanity to love without fear. We’re excited to bring you a premiere of the new video before officially drops tomorrow!

Melanie tells us about the single and video, “Initially, the song was written about approaching romantic relationships from a place away from ‘games,’ and solely from the center of truth. The vision and idea for the video became clear to me when I thought about the ‘game’ not only in the context of love and relationships, but in the context of our passions, versus our necessity for money. Too often I find myself struggling to find the balance between being able to pay my bills, but also having the time, energy, and sanity to pour my heart and soul into my art and music.  This is something I think all artists go through, and my mission with this video is to remind others in a similar dilemma, that by working to inspire and encourage each other, and by ‘helping each other up,’ together we can build a society ruled by art, music, and creation.”

You can check out the video below, and head out tonight, Dec. 18 for the official video release party at The East Room. Along with a performance by MELD, the show also features sets from Mel Bryant, Airshow, and Kevin Slattery. You can find out more info here!

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