[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Art Rock Duo Fox Grin Unveil New EP ‘Dawn’


Art rock isn’t really a genre that we tack to many local acts we cover, but after listening to Fox Grin‘s lush new EP Dawn, it’s something we would definitely like to hear more of. Luckily, this duo are paving the way for a great niche in the Nashville rock scene, and they were nice enough to let us premiere their latest release.

After relocating to Nashville from Atlanta a little over a year ago, Thomas Chapman (vocals/guitar/keys) and David Bean (bass/backing vocals), the creative forces behind Fox Grin, started navigating their way around by hopping on some local bills at spots like The East Room and Mercy Lounge. By the time they left Atlanta, they had two full-length albums under their collective belt, and have been busy putting in work on the Dawn EP.

Dawn features four tracks, each showcasing the band’s ability to create unique arrangements while still keeping a pop-like accessibility. Opening track “Fall Into You” starts things off with a fast, punk vibe, but calms down when Chapman’s soft, smooth vocals begin. It was recorded along with the lo-fi jam “All Alright” live at the Brown Owl Studio here in Nashville, and features Matt Prince from blog favorite The Gills. “Jack Quick” slows things down to an acoustic-driven tune with a slight country twang, and “Totem” rounds things out with a swirling, psychedelic vibe. The overall tone of the album is cinematic and dreamy, creating visuals that you can get lost in.

Check out the EP for yourself after the jump, and visit Fox Grin’s website to keep up with their show schedule and future releases.

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