Local Punks Jawws Disband 😢


When we saw a vague, “rip us” message posted late last night on Jawws‘ Twitter, we tried not to assume the worst, but, with further confirmation today, including from label home Infinity Cat, it appears that young local punk outfit have indeed disbanded. Formed a few short years ago while still in high school, the loud, heavy, skate loving youngsters harkened back to the golden age of hardcore, writing and performing with a ferocity that exceeded their years, quickly grabbing the attention of the local media and punk scene. Over the past two years, Jawws have released two 7″ EPs, a handful of singles and demos, and have toured with The Offspring, appeared at SXSW, performed at Third Man Records, played our own infamous rooftop Acme showcase, and, of course, have made countless appearances in clubs, living rooms, and DIY spots all across town, often at shows they would’ve otherwise been too young to attend. It’s unclear what the future holds for the group, but we definitely know that they’ll be sorely missed, and we wish them well on their individual musical endeavors. Below, check out a statement from bassist Jacob Corenflos.

These last 3 years have been amazing with my brothers. As much as it saddens me to say Jawws is no longer going together for the foreseeable future, I am happy to say that this brings us a chance to pursue new endeavors and to expand musically. This experience has brought me so many insane experiences that I would have never dreamed I would have been a part of especially at this age; from the Offspring tour to SXSW to playing with Jeff the brotherhood at the east room during exam week to having a 7″ put out on our favorite label (infinity cat). I’ve met so many people who have affected my life so much like my sisters in Daddy Issues and My brothers in White Reaper. These boys will always be my brothers no matter what. Love forever, family forever! Keep on rockin in the free world kids.

RIP Jawws.

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