Jordan Gable Gets Vulnerable with “Fool of Me” 


It’s so much easier opening a dating app than opening our hearts to another person. Need some help making the jump? Nashville pop songwriter Jordan Gable balances vulnerability and courage with infectious new single “Fool of Me” to bring out your inner Romeo or Juliet. ELO, Queen, and The Beachboys all influence Gable’s vocals; the gorgeous six-part harmonies give the track a lovesick optimism amidst Gable’s pleads to “not make a fool of me.”

Gable tells us “Fool Of Me is about the inner dialogue/paranoia/fears/second thoughts someone (everyone) has before giving a piece of their heart to someone else. I wanted to tap into a little bit more of my darker side that hasn’t really been shown in my music yet.”

Listen to “Fool of Me” below, and catch Gable opening for J. Human’s free showcase on Wednesday, June 15 at The High Watt. Doors are at 5:30 p.m. and the music starts at 6 PM sharp.

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