Bonnaroo 2016 Ticket & Camping Breakdown


Our Bonnaroo 2016 ticket giveaway is over, our daily artist previews are winding down, and the festival is just a little over a week away, June 9-13 in Manchester, TN. As we prepare to head down to the farm for yet another exciting year, we wanted to put together a little guide to this year’s various ticket options, parking passes (new for 2016), rentals, and upgrades, which, over the years, have gotten a bit confusing, as more and more choices have been added. Whether you’re a ticket holder weighing your accommodation options, a Roo newbie, or you’re still dragging your feet altogether (you can still snag tickets right here), we have you covered with a breakdown of this year’s numerous options below!


General Admission

Your standard, weekend-long ‘Roo experience. Still available for $384.40. A general admission ticket gets you into the fest, but, this year, a camping or parking pass is a required additional add-on, rather than included in the ticket price.

Single-Day Tickets (GA + VIP)

Ranging from $135.50 on Thursday to $202.50 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, single-day tickets are something of an unadvertised extra option geared towards locals. Tickets include shuttle service from Nashville, and require you to choose from several earlier/later departure and return times. Presumably, though, if you wanted to snag a day ticket and drive yourself, you could add a car parking pass for $44. The same deal is available with VIP tickets for $295.50 or $311. The same program also has a variety of weekend shuttle options, hotel packages, and more, for those of you wanting to forego camping and stay in Nashville. Tickets and more information are available here.


Only sold in pairs, two VIP tickets will set you back $1699.90. Perks include exclusive VIP entrances, a car camping pass for a preferred location (no need to buy separately as with GA, unless bringing more than one vehicle or upgrading to RV parking), special shower and restroom facilities, VIP lounges (with games, live video feeds, and WiFi), exclusive main stage viewing areas, priority access at the Comedy Tent, a pre-event party on Thursday, gospel brunch with a full choir on Sunday, courtyard WiFi, charging stations, commemorative merchandise, and yoga classes.


Car Camping

If you’re a general admission ticket holder and you want to drive in and camp, you’ll need to purchase a car camping pass for $64.75. Unlike previous years, it’s not included in the ticket price (unless you’re VIP). We agree, new fees are a drag, but Bonnaroo is hoping to encourage carpooling and reduce carbon emissions, not to mention allocating additional revenue this year to infrastructure upgrades, including running water and permeant bathrooms. If you plan on camping but you’re not bringing a vehicle (carpooling with friends, we guess?), GA camping is said to be included in your ticket price.

Car Parking

If you’d rather stay offsite, but plan to drive in and out throughout the fest, you’ll need a car parking pass, also new for 2016. This’ll run you $44, and seems to be your only other option besides shuttle passes, hitching a ride with friends, or parking offsite and walking in.

RV or RV + Companion Vehicle

If you’re bring an RV (class A, B, or C), bus, or anything on a hitch, you need an RV pass for an additional $250. If you’re bringing a companion vehicle along with your RV, you should instead opt for an RV and companion vehicle pass for $275. If you’re rolling VIP, you’ll want the VIP RV upgrade for $250 (only valid with VIP tickets).


General Admission Camping

The most common way to ‘Roo, if you’re planning to drive in and camp, you’ll need a car camping pass (see above) in addition to your general admission ticket this year. Though Bonnaroo does still claim that “GA Camping is included in your festival ticket price if you are not bringing a vehicle,” presumably referring to tent only camping (if you’re being dropped off or walking in), not having a car seems like a tough approach; tent only spots are limited, and you can’t drive your vehicle in to drop off your car without a pass, so you’d have to pack extremely light. We’ve done the drive in, carpool with a couple friends, and camp approach for many years, and it’s definitely the easiest (and most economical) way to attend.

Per Bonnaroo tradition, the GA campground is divided into cleverly named sites, navigated by city streets, and anchored to numbered pods, where you’ll find things like bathrooms, water, ice, food vendors, showers, 24/7 staff, security, medical, and more. There is also a GA area specifically designated for RV’s, for which you’ll need to purchase an RV camping pass (see above).

VIP Camping

If you purchased VIP tickets (only sold in pairs), you’ll receive access for one vehicle and campsite in the VIP area. In addition to all of the VIP ticket perks (see above), the campground features a lounge, brand new bathrooms and showers, and a premium location. If you’re bringing an RV, you’ll need to purchase a VIP RV pass, which, like the VIP tent area, is in a prime spot.

Tent Only Camping

Tent only camping is for those wishing to camp without a car, or willing to camp away from their car in exchange for a closer spot in the campground. This option feels most practical for single attendees or very small groups, as you will need to get to the tent only area by foot with all of your gear (after either walking in without a car, parking in the parking-only lot, or carpooling with someone else). If you’re planning to enter the festival site in a vehicle, even if camping in the tent only lot, you’ll need a car parking pass (see above). You won’t be able to drive your car to the tent only area, so plan accordingly. This option is technically the only entirely free way to camp at Bonnaroo, though getting in and set up without a car sounds tricky. It’s also first come, first served, so we’d plan to arrive as early as possible if you’re set on this option.

Groop Camping

The deadline for Groop camping this year has passed, but we’ll still give you the rundown for future reference. In general, if you’re arriving with a small group of friends (say, two or four campsites’ worth), you can arrive and caravan together to end up next to each other in general camping. However, if you’re planning to arrive with a particularly large group, 24 people or more, Bonnaroo offers the option to reserve a large space in the specially designed Groop Camping area. For $50 a person (plus general admission tickets), you will receive 8 vehicle passes (no need to purchase a camping pass), and allotted space for 24 (you can add more for the same fee, and additional vehicle pass will be included for every 3 campers). You must appoint a Groop Leader, register early, and, once accepted (space is limited), members of your party can arrive at their leisure, with a guaranteed space waiting upon entry.

Family Camping

All of Bonnaroo is all ages, but if you’re attending with small children, or expecting, you can utilize the Family Camping area, which is part of the general admission campground. You still need a car camping pass, as with all general admission camping, and you can simply ask at the tollbooth upon entry to be admitted to the family area.

Rental Tents + RVs

Formerly known as “Tent City,” the newly anointed “Le Bon Tents,” offer a variety of pre-set, pre-pitched camping, “glamping,” and RV rental options for those who’d rather arrive and not fool with providing and maintaining their own accommodations. Though certainly not as economical as camping on your own, the furnishings, piece of mind, premium location, and variety of options might be worthwhile to some attendees seeking optimal comfort and convenience. We’ve broken down all of the rental options below. Bear in mind that prices do NOT include admission, unless noted otherwise.

Souvenir Tent

Available in both GA and VIP (must have the correct, corresponding weekend ticket), the Bonnaroo-branded Souvenir Tent is the most economical rental option. Both GA and VIP run $575, sleep two, and come with 2 air mattresses, 2 sleeping bags, 1 vehicle pass, a souvenir lantern, and a souvenir lock, all festival branded and all yours to keep (tent included)! You’ll also enjoy 24/7 staff and close proximity to the main festival grounds.

Comfort Tent

Available in two and four person setups, in both GA and VIP, the Comfort Tent will be familiar to those who remember Tent City. Unlike the Souvenir Tent, most amenities are strictly rental-only, and include one cot per person (2 or 4), a weatherproof tent with tarp floor (round canvas bell tent for 2-person, canvas safari tent for 4-person), a nightstand table with power outlets, souvenir blankets, additional bedding, sheets, pillows, a lantern, a lock, and vehicle pass.  You’ll also enjoy 24/7 staff and close proximity to the main festival grounds. Currently, only the 4-person option is available in GA for $1,650 ($300 of that is a refundable damage deposit, and each person must have a GA ticket), and only the 2-person option is available in VIP for $1,495 ($300 of that is a refundable damage deposit, and each person must have a VIP ticket).

Luxury Tent

Available in VIP only (each person must have a VIP weekend pass), Luxury Tents sleep two, offering either 1 queen or 2 twin beds in a weatherproof round canvas bell tent with tarp flooring. Amenities include personal cooling with custom temperature control, exterior shade tent, bedding, souvenir blanks, beside table, tables and chairs, a later, multiple power outlets, 4 ice vouchers, a collapsable cooler, and a combination lock, all with 24/7 staff and close proximity to festival grounds. Despite a price tag of over $2,000, this popular returning option has already sold out for 2016.


New for 2016, the premium glamping Cabana option is Bonnaroo’s most luxurious on-site Le Bon experience. Running $3,450 ($500 of which is a refundable damage deposit) and reserved for VIP ticket holders only (tickets sold separately), the personal hard-wall cabana sleeps 2 people, and includes and twin bed and mattress, personal cooling unit with custom temperature control, personal exterior shade tent and patio, bedding sets, a pair of lawn chairs, souvenir blankets, multiple outlets, 4 ice vouchers, a collapsable cooler, and a lockable door, all staffed 24/7 and close proximity to festival grounds.

RV Oasis

If you love the sound of sleeping in an RV, but don’t actually have an RV, Bonnaroo’s on-site RV Oasis, both in GA and VIP, offer parked, stocked, and ready to rent vehicles set up to accommodate up to six people (each person must have corresponding GA or VIP tickets already). All RVs are already rented for the year, but here’s what they include: power hookups, A/C, daily water pumping and refilling, bedding, comfortable seating and common areas, bathroom and shower, kitchen with appliances, and onsite hosts and technicians. Though far from cheap, the RVs come in between Comfort and Luxury Tents in price when split 6 ways; not a bad deal!

Roll Like a Rockstar

Hands down Bonnaroo’s most baller option, Roll Like a Rockstar is definitely geared towards the 1%, so expensive, in fact, that price isn’t even published (the bus option has reportedly run more than $30,000 in years past, and the glamping $10,000). Available in two packages, an 8-person bus option or a 2 person glamping option, Roll Like a Rockstar ensures that your Bonnaroo experience will be as decadent as possible. Both packages feature special viewing areas, a private lounge, access to all hospitality, a private entrance, on site liaison and 24 hour concierge, open bars, exclusive gourmet catering, 24 hour golf cart service, private ground transportation to and from the airport, a champagne welcome party, themed parties, onsite cleaning service, morning yoga, video streams of festival performances (plus sporting events and movies), and more.

The bus option includes festival tickets and special access passes for 8, providing a private, fully stocked tour bus in a premium wooded area, private bunks, two air-conditioned lounges with premium entertainment, a bathroom, storage space, and a kitchen, plus executive showers and restrooms on the campground. The glamping version features tickets and special access passes for two, with either a queen or 2 twin beds in a luxury tent with air conditioning, a mini fridge stocked to your liking, a front porch, and the feeling of outdoor camping with the privacy of a hotel. It’s unclear if either option is still available for 2016, but you have to e-mail for more information regardless.


VIP Food Program

If you’re attending VIP and don’t want to worry about meals, you can purchase passes for the VIP Food Program, which includes lunch and dinner Friday through Sunday. Unlike the VIP tickets themselves, the add-on is not sold in pairs, so if both members are you party want in, you’ll each need to shell out $209.15 for the weekend. Provided by Five Senses Restaurant & Catering, there will be a number of food stations to choose from that will offer different selections each day, including a vegetarian option, described as “a hint of southern fare with a dash of French cuisine.”

Hotel + Shuttle Packages

As we explained under ticket options, the Nashville Convention & Visitor’s Corp has partnered with Bonnaroo once again to over weekend shuttle packages and single-day options for locals, or for festival-goers opting to stay in Nashville rather than on-site. A variety of hotel bundles and packages can be found here.


Bonnaroo has accessible camping, accessible day parking, and special festival accommodations for fans with disabilities. While deadlines for request have already passed, you can head here for more information, for future years’ reference.

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