[REMINDER] Catch O.A.R. w/ The Hunts | Sunday, Jan. 31 @ Marathon Music Works


During NHL All-Star Weekend, why not add a little live music to your life. Fans of college jam rock legends O.A.R rejoice, because they’re playing Marathon Music Works this Sunday, Jan. 31 with help from The Hunts. Last time O.A.R threw down in Nashville, we told you all about it (see this post), and in an interesting new twist this go ’round, the band took setlist requests for every tour stop. Know as the “You Pick The Set Tour”, fans let their voices be heard through hashtags and a social media campaign. Tickets are still available for $31-$34, and if you’d like to know more about the bands, please feel free to click on.


Founded in Rockville, MD, by Marc Roberge (vocals/guitar), Chris Culos (drums), Richard On (guitar), and Benj Gershman (bass), O.A.R. (Of A Revoloution) found their fifth member Jerry DePizzo (sax/guitar) while performing the fraternity/sorority circuit as students at THE Ohio State University in the late ‘90s. Strictly through word of mouth, they built a reputation around campus, and eventually they started ramblin’ around the country performing. Now, after nearly endless touring and eight studio albums, they are officially a ‘big deal,’ achieving mainstream success and a loyal following. For their current tour, the fellas are doing something extra special, allowing fans to pick their own setlist by popular vote. Music City made it’s picks, with hashtags #YouPickTheSetTour & #Nashville, so be there in person to see which popular tracks win out at this super fan MUST SEE!


Made up of seven siblings, raging in age from sixteen to twenty-four, it’s safe to say Chesapeake, Virginia-based alternative folk performers The Hunts have chemistry to spare. Their debut full-length LP, Those Younger Days, has garnered some critical acclaim and helped them tap into a growing audience. Touring with the successful, and radio-friendly headliners won’t hurt either. Enjoy the video for there wonderful single “Make This Leap” below, and get to Marathon on time to see live.

O.A.R and The Hunts will perform Sunday, Jan. 31 at Marathon Music Works. The show is 18 +, begins at at 8 p.m. (doors at 7 p.m.), and tickets are available for $31-$34.

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