Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’16: Number 10


Bonnaroo‘s annual lineup guessing game, Roo Clues, is currently underway, and, similar to last year, it seems that they’ll all be Instagram-based word games (a definite shift from past years with real-life scavenger hunts and elaborate riddles, but we’ll take it). In total, ten clues are set to drop, likely two per week, and will provide hints as to who we can expect to see at this year’s fest. Once again, we’re putting our expert sleuthing skills to work, and doing our best to solve each and every one. After the jump, check out our final guess as to who you can expect to see this summer on the farm!

Here’s Roo Clue #10:


  • It’s the final clue of the season, so it stands to reason it would be for a larger band. If our guess is correct, that proves to be true.
  • Another name for the grim reaper is “Death.”
  • A chauffeur is someone who drives passengers in vehicle. While mostly associated with private or luxury cars, a cab driver is technically a type of chauffeur. So we’re up to Death Cab.
  • Heading into the unknown, especially when the embodiment of death, is the passenger, sounds like heading into the afterlife. Perhaps Death Cab for Cutie’s best-known song, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” deals with a similar theme. Darkness and the unknown can also be synonymous.
  • The chauffeur or cab driver in our clue is an engineer. Ben Gibbard fronts, and helps craft or drive or engineer, Death Cab’s sound. He also literally studied engineering at Western Washington University.
  • Since we already had a feeling Death Cab would be at ‘Roo, and since their schedule lends to an appearance, between Governor’s Ball, Firefly, and Forecastle, it feels pretty inevitable. [verdict: almost certain]

It’s been awhile since Death Cab last played ‘Roo. Are you excited for their return?

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