Jung Youth Drops a Heartfelt Tribute to His Grandmother, “The Ghost Said”


We’ve buzzed a lot about Jung Youth, one of Nashville’s most promising rising hip hop artists, in recent months, and for good reason- he’s really killing the game. Track after track, the rapper, born Justin Donahue, flexes his range and versatility, propelled by clever lyricism, an unstoppable flow, and expansive production; he’s the real deal, and he’s about to have a gigantic year. Mere weeks after bringing the house down at our annual Christmas Carol Party, Justin has premiered another song, “The Ghost Said,” a tribute to his grandmother, Mary Rose Albina Ballard Lyvers, who passed away seven years ago yesterday. Here’s the story beyond its inspiration:

Seven years ago today, my grandmother, Mary Rose Albina Ballard Lyvers, passed away. She is an incredible source of inspiration for myself and countless others, and her legacy lives on eternally through our family. There are so many things that she taught me, but even more important is the way that she made me feel, and that is what I sought to encapsulate with this song.

Since her passing, the many ups-and-downs of life have continued to unfold, but there are still moments when I am undeniably reminded of her presence and a calming blanket of warmth surrounds me. Strength and Love are two words that most quickly come to mind when I think of this woman, and it is with grateful joy that I accept my own responsibility to carry on with strength and love in her honor.

Listen to Jung Youth’s new song “The Ghost Said” below!

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