Watch Luella Perform A Chilling Cover Of “We Got To Meet Death One Day”


Luella (aka Melissa Mathes) first popped onto our radar screen several years ago as the front woman of Luella And The Sun.  She has sinced moved on to pursue her solo endeavors, as well as frequent collaborations with East Nashville guitar hero, Tim Carroll.  In her typical eccentrically awesome way, she has just dropped a video of her and Carroll covering Blind Willie McTell’s “We Got To Meet Death One Day.”  The video was filmed in a hidden park in Lockeland Springs in East Nashville, and the recording was done with a tambourine, some ankle bells and a couple of battery powered amps.  The effect is haunting as Luella’s voice powers through the beautiful yet serene backdrop of nature, almost like a spiritual or call to seance.

Check out the video below, and keep you ear to No Country for an announcement regarding Luella early next week.

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  1. i. am. mesmerized. blown away.


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