Grimes Debuts Stunning New LP ‘Art Angels’ Ahead of Nov. 10 Marathon Music Works Performance


A couple months back, when we first told you about Grimes‘ forthcoming show at Marathon Music Works, next Tuesday, Nov. 10 with Nicole Dollanganger, we assumed she would be releasing, or at least announcing, new music soon, but, at the time, had no concrete details. It’s been a busy few weeks since, however; not only did the Canadian electro-pop maven finally unveil her long-awaited followup to 2012’s Visions, called Art Angels, but, in the matter of a few short weeks, teased a series of a singles, debuted a music video, and, today, released the whole LP.

Aside from would-be Rihanna one-off single “Go” and more recent Bleachers collab “Entropy,” we had very little insight into Grimes’ meticulous, self-contained, and self-produced recording process, which, after a few false starts, has proven more than worth the wait. Art Angels is a dense, lush, layered masterpiece, exploring sonic realms and pushing artistic boundaries well beyond anything the singer has released thus far. Not only a worthy followup to VisionsArt Angels is the next logical step; it’s more focused, smarter, more expertly crafted, and all at once higher-concept while remaining more broadly pop accessible. Grimes is, without a doubt, a musical genius, and this masterpiece of an album very well could be her magnum opus. As with Kanye West’s career high My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the density here is going to take us several plays to fully wrap our brains around, so we highly encourage you to do the same, and stream or download the album now, to get ready for Tuesday’s show, sure to be one of the year’s best.

We’ve provided a variety of links below, in order to bring Art Angels to you in your preferred medium (physical copies will ship in December), and you can also watch Grimes’ gorgeous vid for “Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream” after the jump!

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