Kansas Bible Company Debut Video for New Song “Élysées 99,84”!


It’s been a little while since we heard anything from Nashville psych-rock collective and No Country favorites Kansas Bible Company, but this week the boys are back with a condensed lineup (from 11 to 7 members) and a new video for their single “Élysées 99,84”, which appeared on their Dad’s Day EP earlier this year. We shared the video for “Stone In The Water” a few months ago, which was shot here by the Harpeth River, but the new video features a much different setting. Filmed in black and white and directed by band members Nathan Morrow and Charles Frederick, the video has a very retro feel as it follows a mysterious blonde woman in mod ’60s attire around the subways and parks of New York City. There is supposedly a new album in the works, so keep checking back for info on when it will drop and watch the video in the meantime.

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