Fleurie Reinvents Herself With Tastefully Complex EP ‘Arrows’


Nashville songwriter project Fleurie, alias of Lauren Strahm, recently released her dense and gorgeous second EP Arrows. Raised on classical piano, with songwriting inspired during time living in Australia, Fleurie lends a fresh perspective to the current crop of Nashville pop releases.

Continue on after the jump for a stream of Arrows, track-by-track commentary, and info on her upcoming release show on Monday (9/14) at Deavor with Vinyl Thief, EZA, and Foldy!  The show is 18+, begins at 7pm, and tickets are $10 (and include a copy of the EP).

EP opener “Fire In My Bones” landed Fleurie on our radar earlier this year. It showcases Strahm’s reinvention from pop-rock songwriter to a more complex, electronic-heavy composer and performer. “Wildwood” glows like a scene out of a glossy fantasy film. The drum machine and wispy textures recall Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes before jumping into an uptempo chorus sprint. We premiered mid-EP standout “Sparks,” which we described as “upbeat, complex, and hypnotic.” “Still Your Girl” glimmers with lovely vocal layers, a steady, synthy bassline, and production parallels to Imogen Heap and Canadian electro-classical project Austra.

Where the first tracks hover around three-and-a-half minutes, EP closer “Hope Where Have You Gone” ambitiously stretches past 8 minutes. It’s certainly not a play for the Hype Machine charts; the languorous piece tests patience in a rapid-fire listening queue. However, late-night bedroom listening lets the finale meander into the corners of a dimly lit room.

Explaining the focus of Arrows, Strahm says, “At the core, arrows can pierce us and affect us for good or bad. I believe songs, words, and melodies are arrows. I see in my own heart arrows representing love, joy, excitement, wonder, and pain. I hope this record reaches people as arrows of hope and light in their lives.”

Fleurie, Vinyl Thief, EZA, and Foldy will perform Monday (9/14/15) at Deavor. The show is 18+, begins at 7PM, and tickets are available for $10 (EP included).

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