Stream “Soon Enough” from Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles’ Debut LP


Nashville-based singer-songwriter Erin Rae has released the title track of her debut album, Soon Enough. The record will be released on Sept. 4, and has been in the works since the release of her Crazy Talk EP in 2012.

Rae has been a familiar face in the Nashville alt-country scene in recent years, providing background vocals for many local artists, including Andrew Combs, William Tyler and Caroline Spence. The inspiring first single showcases Rae’s smooth, haunting tone and her impressive ability to express immense emotion with just a few hums and strums of the guitar.  “Soon Enough” cements Rae’s position as a solo artist ready to step out of the background and into the spotlight for good.

Listen to the track below, and get your own instant download of the track by pre-ordering your copy of Soon Enough through Bandcamp.

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