[PREMIERE] Yumi and the System Drop New Video for “Back of the World”

Yumi and the System

Readers, friends, and other random people who somehow stumbled upon this blog, we’ve got some excellent news to break: local rockers Yumi and the System have given us the privilege of releasing for you their newest music video, for their tune “Back of the World”. If you’re not yet familiar with this act, you ought to be. Yumi and the System play an extremely evocative and crunchy blend of garage/punk rock, and, frankly, it’s exactly the kind of music the scene here in Nashville needs. While no one would classify their sound as mainstream, the raw attitude that permeates the track should be enough to pique the interests of a broad audience, and we definitely recommend giving these guys a listen.

This video also represents a triumph in the visual field. Shot by Nashville’s own Doug Lehmann, the chaotic, jumpy nature of the video acts a precise fit to the sounds created by Yumi and the System. Between shots of the city and the band playing, one definitely gets a interesting insider’s look into the garage rock scene here in Nashville. We won’t ruin the end of the video for you, but trust us: it’s worth watching all the way through.

If you like what you hear (and see), you can catch Yumi and the System Dec. 5 at The Stone Fox. They will be joined by Mystery Twins and Olivia Jean (more details on the show can be found here). Until then, enjoy rocking out to this fantastic video (use the password “yumi” if prompted!)!

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