JEFF the Brotherhood Will Apparently Play Dino’s TONIGHT (For Free)


Less than a month after obliterating The End with a three-night residency, local garage rock duo and Infinity Cat founders JEFF the Brotherhood are apparently set to play their latest hometown show at a pretty unlikely join: Dino’s. We recently learned that Dino’s has changed hands, and, while that news certainly got a few East Nashvillians’ feathers ruffled, it sounds like it will more or less stay the same old dive bar we’re used to; meaning, it’s not like this is the last chance to see bands there or anything, so this show is pretty random (though not surprising, given JEFF’s show history). Still, and this comes via apparent opening act Gales, it’s really happening tonight at 9 p.m., and word on the street is that, like a typical Monday night at Dino’s, it’s free (if we’re wrong about that, it couldn’t cost more than a few bucks). Pretty Vagrant will open the show, and, per usual, it’s 21+. Until we see anything directly from JEFF’s camp to confirm, we’re still going to treat this as a possible rumor, but, hey, stranger things have happened; might as well show up and see for yourself.

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