A Few Tickets Remain For Wilco’s Two Night Ryman Run Next Week!


We told you about Wilco’s two night 20th anniversary run at The Ryman when tickets first dropped back in September, and are amazed that we are about to say this next sentence a mere 6 days before it all begins.  A FEW TICKETS STILL REMAIN!  The remaining venue, artist, and promoter holds have been released for purchase meaning that you still have a shot!

Take it from us.  We were humbled by Wilco in their last Ryman run in 2011, and were wowed by the Tweedy family side project at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco last weekend.  Needless to say, a showman is a showman regardless of his surroundings, but an insane band and the quivering acoustics of The Ryman certainly help.

Grab your ticket for Tuesday or Wednesday or both, and check out the cool time lapse video set to “Art Of Almost” chronicling their 2011 Nashville visit below.

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