[Preview] The Dig w/ Earl Burrows and The Nobility | TONIGHT @ The Basement


Tonight at The Basement, the boundaries of rock and roll are going to be tested, pushed, and possibly broken. The Dig, Earl Burrows and The Nobility are all taking the stage to bring to us their versions of the genre. Two of the groups are native to Nashville and The Dig consist of Yankees, but we’ve decided to show them some good ol’ southern hospitality and welcome these rockers into our midst.

Not only are we encouraging you to go check out these three musically rebellious bands, but we’re going to be standing right there in the crowd with you. So get to know the lineup, dig up some change for the $5 cover, and come hang out with us and the bands for a night of musical bliss.


Hailing from New York, this ’80s-inspired pop/rock band has been in the works for years. The two singers Emile Mosseri and David Baldwin first began making music together when they were just eleven years old, but then Californian Erick Eiser joined the band and the trio rocked out with various groups throughout high school. When Mark Demiglio moved from Texas to New York to offer his services as drummer, the lineup for The Dig was solidified. With three releases in just two years, The Dig are now on the move to promote their latest album, You & I, which is a harmonious, ethereal creation unafraid of testing the limits of rock.


So the first thing you need to know about Earl Burrows is that Earl Burrows is not actually a man named Earl Burrows (cue gasps of shock and awe). It’s actually four guys that banned together to create one entity that embodies the heart and soul of rock & roll. Their debut album has yet to be released (early 2015 is when you can expect it), but that does not mean Earl Burrows are short on material to play for you this evening.


We first mentioned Nashville natives The Nobility a few months ago and praised them heavily for their DIY tours and recordings – the definition of a true indie band. The group played their very first show way back in 2001, and they are not afraid to admit that this performance 13 years ago was a startlingly bad one, but don’t worry – they’ve improved drastically over the last decade (plus some years) and are thrilled to deliver to your ears some tunes from their multiple self-released EPs and albums.

The Dig, Earl Burrows, and The Nobility will perform tonight, Oct. 2, at The Basement. The show is 21+, begins at 9 p.m., and tickets are available for $5 at the door.

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