Check out Jupiter Is My Hard Drive’s new video for “Best Thing For You”

Jupiter Is My Hard Drive - 620

It’s rare that we find ourselves surprised when we get submissions.  Blown away?  Yes, often, but not surprised.  That is what happened when we opened a recent email from Nashville studio project, Jupiter Is My Hard Drive.  A creative outlet for a few local musicians (led by Seth Sparks) tired of the effort of touring with their other projects (Nolido & Rubicon), this the 6th album for JimHD (for short), but it’s the first single that we’ve heard.  We’re still digging back through the back stacks for their electro heavy releases, but had to get this first video up so you guys can check out what hooked us.  It’s a clear throwback to the 80’s with some heavy synth lines and pulsing european electro beats and a downright need to dance.  Get down, right now.

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