Pizza + Vinyl = Happy Music City Customers

MCP Vinyl

Our pals over at Music City Pizza are all about supporting the music scene, and giving you music fans exactly what you need in life… food and music!  They have teamed up with United Record Pressing to offer a unique experience for their customers.  Buy a pizza from Music City Pizza, and you might just receive a record with your order.  There’s no catch or extra costs, it’s just their way of getting more music into the hands of you music lovers.  Artists include RadioHead, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd, Tribe Called Quest, Miles Davis to name just a few.  It’s kinda like that prize in your cereal box!  Head to Music City Pizza’s website, or use their app on your iPhone or Android to place your order and start building that record collection while gnoshing on some pretty dope pies.

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