[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Bonobo w/ Jim-E Stack | Sept. 28 @ Marathon Music Works


There’s no denying that electronic music is a massive force in today’s entertainment industry, and yet most music fans will tell you that as party-friendly and upbeat as electronic music sounds, there’s something about a live act that’s simply missing from electronic music. This common complaint has opened a niche in the industry that English DJ Bonobo has filled quite aptly, blending samples of acoustic instruments in an electronic fashion to create a complex and fulfilling soundscape. Sound nice to you? It definitely appeals to us, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re giving away of a pair of tickets for the upcoming Bonobo show at Marathon Music Works on Sept. 28 at 7 pm. Opening for Bonobo will be Jim-E Stack; tickets will cost you $20, but hey: you could win them for free. To enter, click through the jump, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Also, if you share the event through your social media accounts, you will receive additional entries for each person you refer to enter the contest.  Please note this event is 18+


Falling into the same vein as Emancipator, English electronic act Bonobo has become massively popular in the downtempo genre. First rolling out into the scene during the ’90s, Simon Green (the man behind Bonobo) made a name for himself by providing beats that were simultaneously chill and actually interesting. Using both electronic clips and samples of acoustic tunes, Bonobo has established himself at the forefront of his genre and proved to be quite popular across the globe (he even has one of the most watched Boiler Room videos of all time, despite competing against much more popular artists). His most recent project, The North Borders, is a fantastic release, and one of No Country’s personal favorites in the electronic side of things.

Please keep in mind that while Bonobo has gained a lot of publicity for playing with a band during his live performances, this show coming up at Marathon will be a DJ set.


Opening for Bonobo will be Jim-E Stack, yet another leader in the space of chilled-out, downtempo electronica. Originally from San Francisco, Jim-E Stack excels wildly in his ability to create compelling drum tracks. Anyone who has dabbled in creating electronic music can tell you that drum tracking is one of the hardest elements to get correct, though Jim-E’s history as a drummer likely gives him an edge. Regardless, the tunes he puts out are quite relaxing and atmospheric, but still have enough substance and motion to keep listeners from zoning out over the course of the track. We suspect Jim-E Stack’s performance will be quite inspiring, but you shouldn’t take our word for it: enter to win some tickets, and you could find out for yourself!



Enter to win tickets by filling out the form below. After you have entered, there will be the option to share this contest via social media. For each person that you refer to the contest, you will receive an additional entry. If you experience any trouble with the new contest widget, or have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Winner will be announced Friday, Sept. 12, at 12 p.m. CST, and will receive one pair of tickets. Good luck!

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Bonobo and Jim-E Stack will perform Sept. 28 at Marathon Music Works. The show is 18+, begins at 7 p.m. (doors at 6 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $20.

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