[Hump Day Diversion] Dude Looks Like A Lady


Y’all remember last week when we alerted you to the awesome that is Jenny Lewis‘s new video for “One Of The Guys” (right here) featuring some of the best drag seen outside of RuPaul’s race?. Well, this week we’ve found ourselves a little bit inspired by all this gender-bending and for today’s Hump Day, we’re gonna divert you into some of our favorite musical moments where the dudes looked like ladies and ladies… you get where we’re going with this… so come on and take the jump!

Aerosmith’s legendary “Dude (Looks Like A Lady)”

Arcade Fire’s inspiring “We Exist”

Bowie’s “Queen Bitch”

Eurythmics’ “Who’s That Girl”

P!nk’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing”

Lady Gaga’s “Applause”

AND Gaga’s “You and I”

Florence Welch on “Sweet Nothing”

Jessie J’s “Do It Like A Dude”

Shirley Manson in Garbage’s aptly titled “Androgyny”

Our boy, NPH, as our girl, Hedwig

Remember the twist in that Prodigy video for “Smack My Bitch Up?”

If you’re likewise inspired by the courage of those who choose to perform gender in meaningful ways, check out this list of musicians who made musical history and happened to be transgendered as well as this great piece on current trans artists making an impact on the cultural landscape. And be you boy, girl, or defy the binaries all-together, have yourself a happy Hump Day!

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