Don’t Forget to See Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds | Tonight @ the High Watt

Sister Sparrow 3

We’ve been yammering about this show for some time now, but we really cannot stress enough how much of a blast the Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds show tonight is going to be. Originally set to take place in the High Watt, the show has since combined with the Space Capone show going on next door to create the newly redubbed “1 Big Soul Party.” Guests of the event will have access to only both shows (for a mere $10), where they will be able to enjoy both of these acts, as openers The Broadcast, the Asheville based five piece that by all accounts seem to be all around great musicians and people. Anyways, if you want to know more about the bands, go back and check out some of our previous announcements (the links above), or enjoy the Sister Sparrow video after the jump. See ya’ll there!

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