No Country For New Nashville Podcast | Episode 2: JT Daly (of Paper Route)


Last month we premiered the No Country For New Nashville Podcast, and brought your our inaugural episode, featuring Brooke Waggoner. We’re back again this month with episode two, and this time around we sat down for a chat with JT Daly of Nashville indie rock outfit Paper Route!

In addition to Paper Route, JT is an accomplished solo artist, composer, producer, and visual artist, and has even expanded into filmmaking. We touched on all of these topics, as well as JT’s personal struggles, Paper Route’s career hurdles and future plans, creative process, thoughts on the broader music scene, and so much more in this intimate chat, led by host Brad Wilson (@Thebradwilson). Along with Brad, the No Country For New Nashville Podcast is made possible by producer Stan Edward (@stanedward), and features theme music by John Davis (formerly of Superdrag, and currently in The Lees Of Memory).

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