[Photos + Review] Music City Burlesque’s Cabin Fever Peep Show | 2.8.14 at Marathon Music Works

Shan De Leers by La Photographie NashvilleShan De Leers by La Photographie Nashville

Music City Burlesque’s Cabin Fever Peep Show 2014
Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN
February 8
Review by Lindsey Thompson
Photos by La Photographie Nashville

Marathon Music Works never looked sexier. You could taste the AXE body spray and Orbit gum in the air. Both men AND women were cat calling, clutching each other in raw intensity as the red healed beauty hypnotized. The empowering statuesque of female sexuality bared her soul on stage to the intimate crowd of VIP tables (worth it!) and onlookers. She entranced, casting a spell that caused tunnel vision. There was nothing deviant about it. The vision of a fearless and prideful woman took on a new face with unique personality as the ladies of Music City Burlesque traded the demand on stage, expressing a femininity that protruded into the fiber of every being in attendance.

If the ladies of Music City Burlesque were out to suck blood for spells (ala Game Of Thrones), then the audience were willing human sacrifices. Papa Dada was the grandmaster of the evening, dressed in a cupid outfit to play on the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration. He warned that the ladies of the night would only be semi-naked (“because it’s Nashville”), stimulating imaginations and creating a perfect wonder of what the eye couldn’t see.

The beautites of the Cabin Fever Peep Show were welcomed with enthusiasm from the crowd. Each female radiated an astounding confidence that was the envy of every woman in sight. With each performance of artistic expression, the desire to burn every photo-shopped magazine and every re-touched advertisement became legitimized.

The female body types ranged from curvy to fit-crafted with many of the women embellished with tattoos. Each female shined with pure nerve that inspired freedom from the chains of anorexia, bulimia, sexual oppression and overall self-destruction. It was sexy in the classiest way. No dollar bills were in sight. No one touched the dancers. Everyone just sat or stood with sparkling eyes as the women of Music City Burlesque did what they do best. They used their bodies to speak, to animate, provoke and instill an idea of female sexuality that was nothing short of pure bliss.

Songs of the night included:
“Fever” by Miss Peggy Lee“Young & Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey“Riders On The Storm” by The Doors“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana “Do I Wanna Know?” by Artic Monkeys

Don’t miss the chance to see the beauties of Music City Burlesque FOR FREE at Mardi Gras Y’all (Nashville’s first ever city-wide Mardi Gras Festival celebration at Riverfront Park on March 1st from 10:00am-10:00pm) THIS SATURDAY (3/1) in a special late night performance!


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