Bonnaroo’s Roo Clues ’14: Number 7 & 8


We let our Roo Clue solvin’ slip a little once again this week, so we’re back today with a double helping. Can you believe we’re almost there? In just a few short weeksBonnaroo will reveal their full 2014 lineup! This year’s Roo Clues, which are all Instagram-based, have been getting slightly harder each week, and the latest, #7 and #8, are no exception. Nonetheless, we feel pretty good about our answers for clues 1, 2, 34, 5 & 6! After the jump, check out who else you might see this summer on the farm!

Here’s Roo Clue #7:

And Roo Clue #8:

Let’s get to solvin’!

Roo Clue #7 is a copy of The Shining with author Stephen King’s name misspelled as “Steven,” along with a pair of glasses. This might just be the hardest clue yet:

  • The “[sic]” after “Steven King” implies that the misspelling is intentional, which could indicate that it’s an artist named “Steven,” “Steve,” or even “Stevie.” More literally, the “[sic]” could be drawing attention to the change – an omission of a “ph.” 
  • Additionally, the Radio Bonnaroo clue of the week indicated that this Roo Clue contains three parts- whether or not all three are separate parts of an artist’s name, the three parts seem to be: glasses, book, “Steven King.”
  • The “Steven” combined with a lack of glasses (vision) makes Stevie Wonder come to mind, and the singer even has a track called “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” He’s too big to give away in a Roo Clue, however, and it feels like a stretch. [verdict: nope]
  • Another famous Stevie is Stevie Nicks, and her band Fleetwood Mac does have a song called “Love Shines.” Again, too big, and there’s not a good connection for the glasses, however. Despite that, they seem like a good fit for this year’s fest. [verdict: possibly]
  • Without glasses, one becomes blind. In The Shining, main character Danny has ultra sensory perception, or a “third eye.” The lead singer of Third Eye Blind is Stephan Jenkins, whose name, like King’s, is spelled with a “ph.” Good, but not perfect, fit and they’re gearing up to release a new album. [verdict: possibly]
  • While also not a perfect answer, here’s our best guess: Phosphorescent. The “ph” is highlighted for a reason, phosphorescent objects glow or “shine,” and common name for someone who wears glasses is “four eyes” which sounds like the already-highlighted consonant sound in “phorescent.” On top of that, Phosphorescent is already lining up festival dates. [verdict: likely]

Roo Clue #8 contains a baby in a crown in front of a British flag. The Instagram caption calls it a “toughie,” and Radio Bonnaroo’s additional hint is that it’s not an individual:

  • The fact that this isn’t an individual rules out most every initial guess, and few British groups with references to babies and/or monarchs make sense for Bonnaroo, however we have one good guess.
  • The picture is, literally, a royal baby, and a British one at that. The most recent royal baby boy’s name is George. Singer Boy George is British, and has a new single, from his forthcoming album, out now called “King of Everything.”
  • Though Boy George is an individual, the famous band he was a part of, Culture Club, have been increasingly more active in recent years, and announced last fall that they would perform in 2014. Will it be at ‘Roo? Looks like it! [verdict: pretty likely]

Do you agree with our guesses? Think we’ll be seeing Phosphorescent and Culture Club this summer in Manchester? Either way, it’s shaping up to be another exciting year!

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  1. I’m fairly confident that Roo Clue #8 is not Boy George, but rather the band The Naked and the Famous.


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