[Hump Day Diversion] Polar Vortex Edition


Well, that punkass little weather-rodent, Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby, caught sight of his shadow this week and now the wimp has gone running back into his hobbit hole, indicating we’re stuck with six more weeks winter (if you believe in that whole tiny-animals-as-harbingers-of-the-seasons-thing).

But what does this all mean for us, readers? Sure, the kids get Snowbird magically granting them the opportunity to sleep in and go sledding… but what are we to do? Well, while we don’t encourage you to tell your boss No Country said you could have the day off, we can divert you a little with some winter wonderland jams.

Tori Amos kicks things off with “Winter”

Fleet Foxes offer a gorgeous “White Winter Hymnal”

Speaking of foxes… here’s Belle & Sebastian’s “The Fox In The Snow”

Sound advice from Mr. Zappa (don’t eat the yellow snow)

“Winter’s Love” by Animal Collective

“What The Snowman Learned About Love” from Stars

Elvis Costello is better than a groundhog! He “Felt The Chill Before The Winter Came”

Keep warm with The Doors‘ “Wintertime Love”

And finally, Elliot Smith‘s gorgeous “Angel In The Snow”

So now that you’re appropriately seasoned, you might as well grab yourself a hot chocolate and get a little snuggly… there’s still six more weeks to go!

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