Watch Miley Cyrus Go ‘Unplugged’ for MTV


As we told you last week, Nashville-born Miley Cyrus aired her very own MTV Unplugged last night, Jan. 29, ahead of her upcoming Bangerz tour, which makes a stop at Bridgestone Arena on April 18.

Between her Disney ties, recent affinity for club jams, and top 40 over-production, it’s easy to forget that, at her core, Cyrus was raised in a musical city by a musical family, and Unplugged did a great job showcasing her natural talent. That’s not to say Cyrus toned down the Miley-ness of the performance, however. The singer attempted to bring “Nashville” to Los Angeles, donning classic country attire (a la 1970’s Dolly Parton, who she also paid tribute to) to start before transitioning into a skimpy cowgirl outfit.

Backed by an impressive (and truly unplugged) band, Cyrus did an admirable job performing in a totally different setting, but still adapted some of the more fun gimmicky elements of her typical stage show. Present were a dancing horse (which Miley twerked on, because duh), a little person in a cone bra wearing the same outfit as Cyrus, and even the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, who showed up for a duet.

You can catch the whole thing here and, below, we’ve rounded up a few highlights.

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