2014 Bonnaroo Rumors

Bonnaroo 2014

It’s that time again. Time for the speculation to begin of who you will be clamoring to see at the farm this summer with the 2014 edition of Bonnaroo Rumors. We’ve been doing this for a few years now, and were pretty successful in our picks in the first year. Last year, we took it up a notch, found one of the Roo Clues, and did a pretty good job of figuring out all of the Roo clues.  With the first round of pre-sales going on sale (and likely selling out) today starting at 11am CST, let’s get the Roomer mill for 2014.


Sometimes it is easier to start with who’s NOT playing, because that list continues to grow as more and more artists have schedule conflicts and other news which effectively rule them out for Bonnaroo. So, let’s get started with that list.


Now let’s get to the good stuff to find out who we do think you will see this year at the Roo!  We’ll start with bands that we’ve heard hints through the grapevine, seen bands slip on social media, or just see that tell tale hole in a tour schedule.

  • We speculate how Bonnaroo manages to continue to step up their lineup year after year.  This seems nearly impossible after McCartney showed us all how it was done last year.  In order to keep things rolling in the right direction, we think (and have heard positive signs from those in the know) that this might be the year that Prince graces the farm with his purple presence.
  • The Avett Brothers were a big stage late afternoon hit a couple of years ago at The Roo, and it’s very likely that they will earn an evening nod to their ever growing fan base this summer.
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have been touring since the release of Push The Sky Away earlier this year, and they have a tour that starts in Louisville, KY the Monday following the Roo.
  • We saw Arctic Monkeys at Marathon earlier this year, and we’ve been speculating an AC Entertainment Marathon-Bonnaroo connection since they announced their connection with the Nashville venue.  We’re pretty sure that you’ll see Arctic Monkeys at the Roo.
  • Phoenix would fall right in line with our Marathon = Bonnaroo connection.  They also headlined Coachella last year after the release of a new release that fell slightly short of expectations.  Their live show would help to change the minds of those critics.
  • Gary Clark Jr. is another Marathon = Bonnaroo possibility.  This dude is a festival mainstay, and is only picking up steam with his opener slot with Kings Of Leon this winter.
  • Cut Copy just confirmed a March Marathon date, this follows along with the Marathon = Bonnaroo theory.
  • Umphreys McGee are an absolute Roo favorite for their late-night-til-sunrise marathon party sessions, and they’ve leaked that they are going to be on the bill in 2014.
  • Another stop for The Flaming Lips would surprise no one… and the grapevine is telling us that this is a shoe-in.
  • Neutral Milk Hotel is selling out venues across the country as reclusive frontman Jeff Mangum continues to revive his cultish 90’s band, and rumors swirl that, regardless of numerous southeastern appearances on the current tour, they are a shoe-in for Bonnaroo.
  • James Mercer is mostly pumping his new Broken Bells album that is coming out in January, but the rumor mill is swirling that The Shins will be performing this summer at the Roo…. which begs the question, will Danger Mouse be in the house?
  • Chromeo has been gaining popularity over the last few years with their chilled out electro-pop vibe, and rumor has it that Roo fans will have have their first chance to party with these boys since 2010.
  • Austin, TX psych rockers White Denim are hyping the release of their new release Corsicana Lemonade (which was co-produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy), and rumor has it we will be rocking out with them likely on a smaller stage in June.
  • Zedd may only be 24 years old, but the German-Russian producer is rapidly making strides in the electronica scene.  You know the Roo groovers are going to be stoked for that fairly substantiated rumor.
  • Swedish goth-folksters, First Aid Kit, seem to be running right under the radar of most, but a supposed Roo appearance may bring them into a bit more of the national conscious.
  • New York based indie folk artists Tall Tall Trees left a hint on their Facebook page.
  • Rumors have been floating around town that local shredders Diarrhea Planet will be repping Infinity Cat.
  • We got a tip that Cage The Elephant will hit the festival season hard in support of their new release Melophobia, and rumor has it that a stop at the farm is on the agenda.
  • Lady Gaga just announced a tour for her Artpop tour.  While we think this would be a bit of a strange headliner, we wouldn’t put anything past Bonnaroo.
  • It looks like Consequence of Sound confirms Andrew Bird will be at Roo.
  • UPDATE (1/13): After taking a look at Roo Clues 1 and 2, we have a pretty good feeling you’ll be seeing Washed Out and Break Science this summer on the farm!
  • UPDATE (1/14): Outkast plans to perform at 40 festivals in 2014 – we’re thinking Roo is one of them.
  • UPDATE (1/29): Shovels & Rope left a tweet confirming they were “pretty sure we are” playing Roo.
  • UPDATE (2/7): After getting the win at this year’s first Road to Bonnaroo, Blank Range is confirmed to play this year.
  • UPDATE (2/7): After Roo Clue’s 3 & 4, we have a hunch CHVRCHES and Bloc Party will be at Roo.
  • UPDATE (2/7): The Flaming Lips and Broken Bells are our solutions for Roo Clues 5 & 6.
  • UPDATE (2/7): Roo Clues 7 & 8 give the hint Phosphorescent and Culture Club will be making an appearance at Roo.
  • UPDATE (2/7): As we get close to the end of Roo Clues, 9 & 10 have lead us to believe Janelle Monae and Meshuggah will be at the farm.
  • UPDATE (2/17): Since The Flaming Lips and Ben Folds are creating a superjam for BLAM, we have a feeling they might be included in the lineup as well.


Here’s a list of the bands that we can’t confirm, but, more importantly, we can’t rule them out yet.  We will, of course, continue to monitor and update.

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  1. Typo in The Shins post… James Mercer, though I know Mr. Murphy is always on everybody’s minds 🙂

    • Thanks!

    • Go ahead and mark Kanye off that list. He is never allowed back to Bonnaroo.

  2. Depeche Mode = dream come true. Too bad the Gallagher brothers can’t get it together enough to celebrate 20 year anniversary of Definitely Maybe which, coincidentally, would be next summer.

  3. All of those bands sound amazing. I got my ticket already see you all on the farm.

  4. DR. DOG IS SOOOOO GOOD! If I could see them, Vampire Weekend, and Young the Giant I would be soooo stoked.

  5. I am wondering what you guys think about the possible electronic artists. I know you have a few listed, but I don’t see many of the huge acts that are around these days such as Bassnectar on the “ruled out” list.

    • We’re buying shots trying to get folks drunk enough to tell us stuff. We’ll let you know what we find out!

  6. Too bad that same danish festival that has Arcade Fire also has Queens of the Stone Age, Royksopp, Franz Ferdinand, The National.

  7. You guys do a great job at taking stuff from Inforoo.com and reposting it here. Hell, your list of bands that won’t play is a direct copy job from a thread/post over there.

  8. Also, there are many, many artists on your “possible” list which aren’t possible at all. I guess Inforoo just hasn’t updated the “not playing” thread so you can’t steal those, too.

    • No stealing here. We’ve linked what we’ve seen from inforoo. It’s a great resource.

    • Put your money where your mouth is, Anon. Show us how big your list is.

      • Why not just check out the website, Sarah Sharp? For instance, I can tell you right now that despite their inclusion on the “possibles” list here, it’s not looking so hot for Outkast.

        And NoCountry folks, your entire list of bands that aren’t playing is taken verbatim from Inforoo…you use the exact same links and everything. No credit.

        • Ah, fuck it, here are some others that are out: Depeche Mode, Daft Punk (lol), Neutral Milk Hotel.

  9. Lady Gaga has an opening from June 3 to June 26 during her ArtPop Tour. Hopefully she will fill this opening with The Roo.

    • Why would you want gaga at bonnaroo. That’s just dumb. Go to Lilith fair and hang out for the weekend.

      • We didn’t say we WANT her to play. We just said that she COULD play.

      • Lady gaga? Wow…why not Madonna or n’sync? Bonnaroo gets some good shit, get too real artist for half the price instead of giving this dumb twat a million dollars

      • Agreed. Festival has downward spiraled since ’06…fuck the clown “artist”…only reason they bring artist like that is because their fans are the tards that will pay $300 a tic in mass.

  10. Hoping to see jack white, kings of Leon, and Widespread Panic on the farm for my 4th roo

  11. Possibilities of a Foo Fighters headline?

    • Yes! This would make the festival for me!

  12. I also personally hope the lineup is better than that. If it’s not then it’s just a repeat of past Bonnaroo’s.

  13. Any chance of Rage against the machine playing? Any rumors whatsoever? That would be off the hook… Gorillaz would be sick too. Along with White zombie or Marilyn Manson in the random metal slot and LES CLAYPOOL in some form of himself. It’s not a festival without him.

  14. I thought about going to Coachella to mix it up, since I have been going to Lolla since 2012. I bailed on that because it’s so expensive and it’s not worth the headache. My buddy who was my roommate at Lolla said Roo is an incredible experience. I am stoked to see what Roo ’14 has in store. Anyways here I my predictions based on previous Roo lineups.

    Prince- He has never played Roo. He has new material for a full album next year. He’s played Coachella before. The only way Roo could top or be level with the legendary status of Sir Paul McCartney would be Prince. Hell if they had Stevie Wonder, why not Prince?
    Muse- If Muse is declaring that they are only playing one US fest next year, wouldn’t it make sense for them to play one they have never played? Muse has played Coachella and Lolla, but never Roo. Roo gives artists as much time as they need to showcase their material, and with the 10th anniversary of their classic debut “Showbiz”, I think it is safe to say mark them down for Roo.
    Kings of Leon- This band is gradually returning to form, selling out shows, having people say “check out that new Kings album, it’s pretty good.” Critics and fans alike are enjoying the new material. Surprisingly they haven’t played Roo since 2010, I think it is time for a grand ole return to the farm! And they are from Nashville for crying out loud, they scream Roo for ’14!
    Outkast- Roo has been pretty consistent with booking top rap acts. They’ve had Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and last year they had Wu-Tang. I do not believe for a nano second that if Outkast is “returning to the stage” next year, they will not be at every major US festival and then some. Now I do not think they’ll be a closing headliner, they will either open for Prince or play a late night set on a Saturday from like 1-3.

    Here are my remaining guesses.
    Predictions for Roo ’14
    Bruce Springsteen/ Haven’t played since 2009(New album out next year)
    Foo Fighters- Have never played Roo(Working on new album, touring overseas).
    Bassnectar- Hasn’t played since 2011(Touring heavy in 2014)

    *Arctic Monkeys- Have never played Roo(Touring big in 2014)
    *Phoenix!- Played in 2009 too. (Played Lolla,Chella, and touring next year) Hasn’t played since 2010
    *Vampire Weekend- Haven’t played since 2008(Didn’t play Roo in 2013)
    *Modest Mouse- Haven’t played since 2005
    *Yeah Yeah Yeahs!- Haven’t played since 2009(Could show up)
    *Sigur Ros- Haven’t played since 2008(Could show up)
    The Dead Weather- Hasn’t played since 2010( New material arriving next year)
    Jeff Beck- Hasn’t played since 2010(Has new material)
    Daughter-( Have never played Roo!)
    Bastille- Never played Roo
    London Grammer- Never played Roo
    Front Bottoms- Never played Roo
    Avicii- Has never played Roo
    *Lily Allen- Hasn’t played since 2007(Could show up)
    *The Flaming Lips- Hasn’t played since 2010(Could show up)
    Lorde(Touring ends in KY week of Roo)
    The Naked & Famous(Have never played Roo)
    Imagine Dragons(touring next year, have never played Roo)
    Chrvches(touring next year, have never played Roo)
    *Haim- Played 2013, could return based on schedule.
    *Kid Cudi- Hasn’t played since 2010(Touring next year)
    Speedy Ortiz- Never played Roo
    Jagwar Ma- Never played Roo
    Savages- Never played Roo
    *Janelle Monae- Hasn’t played since 2009(Touring next year)
    *Sleigh Bells- Haven’t played since 2011(Didn’t play any major US fest last year)
    *MIA- Hasn’t played since 2008(Touring next year)
    *Explosions in the Sky- Haven’t played since 2011
    *Death Cab for Cutie- Hasn’t played since 2008(Has a new album ready for 2014)
    *Broken Bells- Have never played Roo!
    *The Head and the Heart- Haven’t played since 2011(Touring next year)
    *Neutral Milk Hotel- Have never played Roo
    *Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Have never played Roo!
    *Crystal Castles- Haven’t played since 2009(Could show up)
    Disclosure(Have not played Roo)
    *Cage the Elephant- Hasn’t played since 2009(Touring next year)
    *Fitz and the Tantrums- Haven’t played since 2012(Touring next year)
    *Andrew Bird- Hasn’t played since 2009(Touring next year, new album)
    *Band of Horses- hasn’t played since 2009(Touring acoustic next year)
    *Neko Case/ Hasn’t played since 2009
    *Robyn & Rokystop. (Robyn) Hasn’t played since 2011(Touring next year)
    *MGMT- Hasn’t played since 2009
    *Phosphorescent- Haven’t played since 2011
    *Grace Potter & the Nocturnals- Haven’t played since 2011
    *Grouplove- Haven’t played since 2012(touring heavy next year)
    *Young the Giant- Haven’t played since 2012(touring next year)
    *Cut Copy- Have never played Roo!
    *Danny Brown- Hasn’t played since 2012
    *Chromeo- Hasn’t played since 2010
    *White Denim- Haven’t played since 2011
    *Zedd- Has never played Roo
    *Yeasayer- Haven’t played since 2009
    *Of Montreal- Haven’t played since 2009
    *First Aid Kit- Have never played Roo!
    *Tall Tall Trees
    *Dr. dog- Haven’t played since 2010(touring next year)

    • Modest Mouse has played since 2005, I’m not sure if you meant at Roo or just in general. But I saw them 2 or 3 years ago.

  15. I met a few of the guys from J. Roddy Walston and the Business a few nights ago at one of their shows and they confirmed that they will be playing on Thursday at Bonnaroo. I happened to catch their set in 2011 and they were absolutely phenomenal!

  16. Tool, DMB, bush, really sucks no PJ though.

  17. Muse is confirmed to be at coachella so we don’t get them :'(

  18. Well you can’t count out pearl jam because they don’t start their European tour until June 16th so hopefully they will play the first or second night …I’d go

  19. Where’s My Morning Jacket ??? They have a new album due out late spring and have no plans . I will try to personally ask them in two weeks at One Big Holiday Mexico. With the huge success and amazingness that was the superjam last year. I think MMJ is a solid Sunday headliner shoe in. What does everyone think ??

  20. Didn’t the Arctic Monkeys play Cannery not Marathon?

  21. Wait…. Nevermind

  22. Actually, Pearl Jam doesn’t start playing overseas (in Amsterdam) until June 16th! This is actually perfect setup for them to headline at some point during the four days (as Roo is June 12-15)! I’m personally hoping to see them!

  23. I appreciate the Die Antwoord rumor!
    Feel free (any promoter reading) to make that happen.

  24. In all honesty, I wish that the roo would just go back to the way it was. More jam bands, and a little less of the “mainstream” pop culture. Just a little more sincerity to the culture that gave birth to a festival as wonderful as bonnaroo. The edm scene there is gravy, but the hoards of drunken, drama ridden frat boys that’s infested the roo is just too much. Just makes me sad that I don’t know if I’m ever going to bonnaroo again…

  25. Give JAMIROQUAI enough fucking money to get them back in the states! FAAAAHK!

  26. Unfortunately Kings of Leon is probably not going to be at Bonnaroo this year, they are touring Europe all June.


  27. Does anybody have a clue about the comedic acts that might be at Bonnaroo? Because I mean the year they had Chris Rock that was awesome.

  28. Awolnation???????
    epic performance to be gained and received by all

  29. Any more of these “positive signs” about prince? I just don’t want to get my hopes up…but it would rule

    • I’m sure we will know more after he announces his Europe tour. Asking around, Roo still seems possible.

  30. holy fuck justin timberlake at bonnaroo would make me the happiest person on earth

  31. I know it would be a little odd for Roo, but I think Iron Maiden would draw a great crowd!

  32. Bowling Green Kentucky’s own Cage The Elephant blew us away with their very early 12:15 PM “That Stage” set at Bonnaroo back in 2009. Hopefully they’ll get a better set time this year and get a chance to show off their brand of hypercharged alternative rock to a much larger crowd.



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