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Anderson East

Regular readers of this blog might recognize Anderson East from our coverage of his East Nashville Underground show, but back then we supported him because of his tight vocal harmonies and stunning songwriting ability. Now, however, we have a new, and in some ways better, reason to inform readers about this unique artist: his newest charity effort.

You see, just being an all around great guy apparently wasn’t enough for East, and for that reason he partnered with LSTN Headphones and The Starkey Hearing Foundation for his next album. These groups focus on helping to restore hearing in those with auditory disabilities; not to mention LSTN makes some pretty killer headphones. Donations range from $11 (which just gets you the upcoming album) to $5,000 (you’ll get the album, a full band benefit show, and a pair of LSTN headphones. So go ahead and contribute to this amazing charity if for no other reason that to get your hands a pair of those sweet headphones.

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