Regan Lorraine Drops New EP

Regan Lorraine

Remember a few months when we informed our readers all about Milktooth’s cover of Beck’s “Eyes That Say I Love You”? No? Well luckily you can find that post right here. Following its release, the cover gained some online notoriety, even being tweeted about by Beck himself. Though the success of that track was no doubt due to contributions from everyone involved, one of our favorite elements were those sweet, tranquil background vocals. Half of those vocals were performed by Nashville local Regan Lorraine; so you can imagine our excitement to hear about Lorraine’s new EP, Wildfire, which smudges the lines between indie, country, and folk. Besides the dazzling display of vocals, the sheer degree of emotion packed into each song is inspiring, engaging, and results in an album that feels ever so at home here in Nashville. You can pick up the new EP here.

Lorraine’s last solo release, Lone Lily, came out all the way back in 2008, but fear not fans, for another five year wait does not seem to be in the forecast. The newest EP, Wildfire, is slated to be the first in a pair of EPs that will surface as Lorraine and company work on her debut full length. This isn’t just tall talk either; a video of one of the songs for the next EP is already available on YouTube. In the meantime, however, we’ll just have to make due with quartet of touching tunes from what will likely be one of Nashville’s new favorite artists.

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