Sherbert Drops New Single & Announces Rare Live Date


Sometimes we get submissions that we just don’t know what to do with except enjoy, and that is what happened when we got this adorable little pop EP from new local act Sherbert over the summer. We just played it over and over waiting for a chance to tell you about a show. Well, we got another pleasant little surprise in that inbox today (or maybe it was yesterday or the day before?… it grows so fast) when an email from Sherbert front woman Michelle Sullivan showed up with yet another single and, finally, an announced Nashville date.

Sherbert’s pop tunes are just as sweet as the non-dairy dessert treat (*that’s how we would “pernounce” sherbet down here in Tennessee) that evokes the same summer-inspired playfulness. The five song EP, This Never Happened, and, particularly the title track, is reminiscent of early 60’s Ronettes dipped in a slightly more contemporary Best Coast. The newest 7-inch includes the single, “Walk Away,” performed as a duet along with Ben Walpole (frontman of Cincinnati indie pop band, The Minor Leagues), and a cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Cut Dead” on the B-side.

With the band members living across the country, live gigs are few and far between, but we finally have a Nashville date at The Other Basement on Wednesday, October 23rd. While you are marking your calendar for that gig. Why don’t you have a taste of some Sherbert below?

*We haven’t discussed the name with the band, and really have no idea if they know how properly pronounce their palate cleansing treats or not.

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