[Hump Day Diversion] Takin’ It Slow


Don’t worry, readers. We may have taken a week off from diverting, but we haven’t been banned from celebrating Hump Day like those poor kids in Conneticut who were just trying to break up the monotony with a little humor…

Sheesh, leave those kids alone! Lucky for us, we’re all adults here! And, oh friends, this week’s Diversion is so special because it combines our love of Dolly Parton, isolated vocal tracks, and animals doing people things all in one amazing meme (with bonus coolness).

So without further ado, here is your awesome of the day — the Yawning Sloth giving his take on Whitney’s cover of Dolly’s classic.

And now that you’ve met your cute quota, here’s something cool. The isolated vocals that will give you chills from Whitney’s “How Will I Know?”

See, isn’t your day better? Happy humpin’ everyone!

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