[Hump Day Diversion] Wrecking Hog


Welp, it’s a sign of the times, it seems, that you can’t swing a sledgehammer in a wife-beater (or lick it with your frightening, possibly alien tongue) without hitting a Miley Cyrus parody video. There are tons of hilarious ones circulating the old internet but we have stumbled on what just might be the best (Imma let you finish, other Miley memes, but Hedgehogs make the best parodies, of all time).

So join us on the jump to get your Hump on smack dab in the middle of this work week.

And if you happen to be keen on animals being awesome in the music video format, you can flashback to our Tegan and Sara Diversion featuring dogs acting like the party animals we all know they are.

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