[Review] Light the Town – “Hurricane” Music Video Review

Light the Town

Recently, No Country caught wind of Nashville five piece Light the Town’s release of their new, official video for “Hurricane”. The track, which was the first of Light the Town’s eponymous debut EP, has already helped to nearly double their social media presence in the last few weeks. The track, which draws clear influences from acts like Paramore and All Time Low, honestly kind of blows…just kidding. We just couldn’t resist the temptation to include a bunch of weather puns in this review. To be honest, “Hurricane” is a hail of a track.

The video itself actually features a pretty unique connection between the music; the thunderous bass and guitar riffs, meticulously tight drum lines and a soaring vocal melody are perfectly complimented by a variety of impeccable cinematographic techniques such as shaken cameras and dynamic shots. Hats off to director Mike White. The video tells the story of frontwoman Lauren Lyle’s turbulent relationship set in between performance shots of the band in a warehouse left in squall-id conditions. All in all, the biggest asset of “Hurricane” is the keen connection between the visual and auditory aspects of the video. Truly, this video is a wind-wind situation.

Light the Town do not have any upcoming live dates that No Country is aware of, but if we discover any in our forecast, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, check out Light the Town’s four track debut EP, which stormed on to shelves last June. That EP can be found in the iTunes store. It would most certainly be a pour choice not to add this fantastic album to your personal music collection.

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