[Hump Day Diversion] Snack Time

eat music

This post is not about Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance. You’re welcome. While there are lots of great reaction videos and parodies of what may go down as the most bizarre and insensitive display of cultural appropriation in modern music, you’re tired of hearing about it aren’t you? Me too. So, dear readers, here we bring you a post inspired by something completely different…

Whole Foods is gonna start hawking vinyl. Yippie for yuppies! Or “richsters”… I guess. Now (if you live in California where they have begun testing this new market) you can get a little Garfunkle with your granola. For me, I’ll be keeping kosher and prefer my free range meat and music separate… but in the interest of discussing something other than the former Ms. Hannah Montana, let’s tuck into some songs about food!

Kate Nash’s adorable “Pumpkin Soup”

The Stones want a little brown sugar… (oh, metaphors!)

This one goes out to our boy, Philip

“Chocolate Rain!” Remember when that was a thing?

“Cherry Pie”… subtle…

Smasking Pumpkins add a little mayo…

“Banana Pancakes”… yum…

Franz Ferdinand loves those “Fresh Strawberries”

“I Want Candy” (who doesn’t?)

“Sex and Candy”… now we’re talkin’…

Weezer’s “Pork and Beans”

“The Worst Pies In London” from Sweeney Todd

Now that we’re all starving… divert yourself a little longer and go grab a snack and spoil your dinner because you’re an adult and that means you can eat cake for breakfast… we won’t judge you!

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