[Premiere] Carla Cappa Releases Video For New Single “My Heart Is Beating Again”

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We recently brought you local pop starlet Carla Cappa‘s official lyric video for her single “Don’t Call Me Again,” and now we’re pleased to be the first to feature her brand new music video for her song “My Heart is Beating Again.”

When I was writing this song, I had this picture of walking around feeling numb inside and just going through the motions of day to day life. I think this is something we all go through at some point, whether we realize it or not. And then you meet someone or come to a life-altering realization and all of a sudden it’s like you’re awake, and your heart is literally beating again. It’s an amazing feeling. I was trying to capture that actual feeling and imaging in this song. – Carla Cappa

This song has us ready to dance, how about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and check out the video exclusively here on No Country!

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