A Q&A with The Artist Formerly Known as Matt Pond PA


 Earlier this week, we told you about Matt Pond and his show tonight at The High Watt with Matrimony and Radar Vs Wolf. Though our ticket giveaway for the concert has ended, we still think it’s one of your best bets on this busy Saturday. We had the opportunity to catch up with Matt for a quick Q&A. Check it out below, while you kill some time waiting for the show!

[NO COUNTY FOR NEW NASHVILLE]: Why’d you drop the “PA” from your name?

[Matt Pond]: The PA didn’t seem relevant anymore. Or maybe the letters were too weighted. I loved Philadelphia. The name was a tribute to how it made me realize I wanted to play music. But as much as the city and I still love each other, it’s not a part of my life anymore.

NCFNN: Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

MP: I think I write songs to turn darkness into light. Most of them start appear in my endless insomnia, where I’m always trying to entertain myself. I guess I’ve made a modest career of entertaining myself.

NCFNN: If you could collaborate with any Nashville artist (resident or native), who would it be?

MP: Gillian Welch. Doesn’t she live in Nashville? I’m pretty sure she’s out of my reach. But dreaming is part of my reality.

NCFNN: What’s your craziest fan-related story?

MP: Year’s ago, there was a girl in Buffalo New York who was severely ill. She woke up from a coma to my songs. It’s crazy and humbling to have been a part of someone’s life like this.

Matt Pond, Matrimony, and Radar Vs Wolf are performing TONIGHT at The High Watt. The show starts at 9PM (8PM doors), costs $12, and is 18+. Find out more about the show and preview all of the bands right here.

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