Don’t Miss Owen w/ Slingshot Dakota & Nest | TONIGHT @ The End

Owen - Mike Kinsella

Mike Kinsella, who performs under the stagename Owen, is, for all intents and purposes, an OG emo artist. As in, Kinsella was instrumental in the emo movement before the e-word started carrying such negative connotations (and ended up becoming as generic a blanket adjective as “punk”). In the early ’90s, Kinsella was a member of emo pioneers Cap’n Jazz, before going on to form American Football, the short-lived Owls and The One Upstairs, and Joan of Arc (a band he still performs with off an on), before launching his solo career as Owen.

In a little over a decade as a solo artist, Kinsella has prolifically released six full-lengths, with a seventh, L’Ami du Peuple, set to drop next week via Polyvinyl, in addition to various EPs, splits, and live albums. Owen has also toured seemingly nonstop, maintaining a small but fervently loyal fan-base across the globe.

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He’s one of the most fiercely underrated talents in the scene; a truly gifted and prolific writer and emotionally engaging and dynamic performer, who calls back to the days when emo had a lot more substance. It’s been serval years since Kinsella last performed in Nashville, so you absolutely don’t want to miss the singer’s stop at The End TONIGHT. Set to open are Slingshot Dakota and Nest. Slingshot Dakota channel a similar old school emo/indie rock sound to Owen, but within a full band context and Nest, a local band, round out the bill with a similar poppy, indie callback.

Check out Owen’s entire new album, streaming ahead of its July 2 release, below:

Owen, Slingshot Dakota, and Nest perform night, June 26, at The End in Nashville. Doors open at 8PM, the show is 18+, and tickets are still available here.

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