Courtney Jaye Releases Love and Forgiveness Today & a Grimey’s In-store

I’m admittedly not a fan of today’s country music.  It’s a personal choice.  I respect your personal choices, so please don’t waste your time or mine leaving hating messages about my personal choices.  To be honest, I haven’t always cringed at country.  I actually have a very soft spot in my heart for some of the country music of yore.  It’s this same squishy spot that wants to tell you about the new record Love And Forgiveness by Nashville sweetheart Courtney Jaye.


Courtney Jaye is a name that I have heard since I moved to Nashville a few years ago, though I never really had a firm grip on who she was.  I knew there was some twang from my Road To Bonnaroo introduction, and I knew there was a bit of folk with an island influence from listening to different recordings. There are more traditional pop sounds that creep into some songs.  I also knew that she was part of JEFF’s “Sixpack” video, which made me wonder if she wasn’t more of a rocker at heart.  After listening to Love and Forgiveness though, I now know Courtney Jaye’s voice.

You can read and listen below, and you have a couple of chances this week to get out to see Jaye perform.  She has an in-store tonight at Grimeys around 6pm.  As always, this one is free, and there will be some tasty canned beerverages for those of age.  If you are the weekend warrior type, mark your calendar for her record release party at The Stone Fox with Nashville “supergroup” JP5 on Friday night.

I’m done apologizing for writing big songs.  I don’t want to be afraid of that.  I’ve always wanted to find a way to not be afraid of pop.  That’s the music I love.

I guess that answers some of our questions about the musical vagabond that spent time in Pittsburgh PA, Athens GA, Flagstaff AZ, Austin TX, Southern California, and Hawaii (which explains her previously discussed “Tropicali” roots). Landing in Nashville certainly helps to explain the direction that this lovely record has taken. While Jaye has crafted some songs that made me swear this was a cover record of country classics. It’s also the players that she brought together which screams Nashville, including drummer Fred Eltringham (Dixie Chicks, The Wallflowers), bassist Sebastian Steinberg (Soul Coughing, Fiona Apple), pedal steel virtuoso Greg Leisz (Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Springsteen), and guitarists Josh Grange (The Jayhawks, Pistol Annies), and Neal Casal (Ryan Adams, Willie Nelson). Yeo-zah, that’s gonna make an impression in your eardrums.

I really should shut the eff up, and just let you listen to this contemporary throwback sound that is sure to conjure a love of what made country music great. You can check out the amazing video below that includes a cameo by legendary Nashville costumer Manuel. Cover art and track listing follows. There will surely be copies for sale tonight at Grimeys, but, if you can’t wait that long, go ahead and snatch up this musical snack over at iTunes.

Love and Forgiveness

Track Listing

Asked Me To
One Way Conversation
Every Time We Say Goodbye
Say Oh Say
Summer Rain
I Thought About It
Stars and Skies
Love and Forgiveness
New Day

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