[Hump Day Diversion] Tweedy Bird


In honor of the recently announced Americanarama Festival featuring Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Bob Weir, and Wilco happening at Riverfront Park on June 30 (presale kicked off yesterday – more info on that show at our recent post) this week’s Hump Day Diversion is an homage to that Patron Saint of Dad Rock, Wilco’s front man, Jeff Tweedy.

Y’all, I’m gonna’ get real with you for a second: I am moderately obsessed with Wilco. A few years ago I drove to Atlanta to see them at the Fox donning this custom made t-shirt and despite having been teased mercilessly for years for being so into music “meant for the middle aged” I noticed a surprising trend among the other concert goers. While there were indeed a fair share of just-going-grey guys sporting corduroy jackets looking all adjunct professor-ish in the crowd, there was also a sizable sampling of chicks about my age peering through their plastic glasses and seeming totally into it.

So, I’m gonna’ put it out there – there’s something awesome about Jeff Tweedy that is difficult to define but undeniable. That man is a hot scruffy earnest poetry writing politically conscious podcasting mess and today I am so excited that he’s coming back to Music City with his Chi-Town brethren in tow that we review some of Tweedy’s most admirable attributes.


Word of warning: Don’t mess with Jeff. Wilco may seem like they’re chill (save for when it gets all noise rocky) but Jeff Tweedy ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. He will totally punch you in the face. You can get Tweedy’s side of the story…

Did you know that in addition to being one of the most compelling lyricists out there today (despite rumors that Wilco just bangs out some drivel on a typewriter and calls it art) he is also a poet? Totally is. You can pick up your copy of Adult Head right here and rest assured it’s superior to Jewel and Billy Corgan’s anthologies.

Jeff has had a very public battle with depression, anxiety, migraines, addiction, etc. He speaks candidly about it in interviews and helps de-stigmatize these struggles for others. Catch his views on the trope of the “Tortured Artist” below…

Despite all the heaviness in Wilco’s history, the band continues to have a sense of humor and a well-developed sense of play. Enjoy the goofy animation for their video for “Sunloathe” right here…

Jeff has been with his wife for forever (particularly by rock-n-roll standards) and they have two awesome sons together. He knows first hand that love makes a family and he has been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality, authoring Op Ed pieces and showing public support for Obama (his Illinois neighbor).

If you’re not yet a converted Tweedy Bird yourself… give a listen to Wilco’s stop at The Nerdist podcast and I have no doubt you’ll be contacting me for your own t-shirt.

And if that wasn’t enough… here’s Jeff with a sock monkey. How’s that for a diversion? I know. You can thank me later. Now go listen to some Wilco and get stoked for their Riverfront show!

Jeff Tweedy & Cleetus from the Red Heel Monkey Shelter

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