Bonnaroo Band of the Day: Ri¢hie

Bonnaroo Artist | Ri¢hie
Bonnaroo History | Newbie (Road to Bonnaroo winner)
Stage & Time: | New Music On Tap Lounge | Thursday | 1PM


Richie Kirkpatrick, who performs under the moniker Ri¢hie, and lately has taken to calling himself “Sweet Baby Richie,” is the third and final Road to Bonnaroo contest winner, and the latest edition to the ‘Roo lineup. Hailing from Nashville, the singer started what was intended to be a fairly tongue-in-cheek jab at rock and roll attitudes and excess, in late 2011. Though his entire persona is a bit of an act, and his style embellished, it wouldn’t be fair to call Ri¢hie (the man or the band) a joke. Sure, a lot of his music is silly and over-the-top. Sure, his songs are light-hearted, party-driven jabs at rock and roll ridiculousness. And sure, Ri¢hie seems to constantly strive to top himself in how over-the-top he can be. But couldn’t the same be said about a lot of well-known bands? Yep, and that’s precisely the point.


Though some of Ri¢hie’s early music was heavier on concept than musical substance, his musical style and confidence has really grown to match his attitude. On his new full-length, Night Games, Ri¢he pushes the limits in how ridiculous yet rock and roll his range of topics can be, while flexing his knack for crafting fun, unpretentious party rock jams. Ri¢he’s live show has grown equally impressive, including a talented and diverse group of musicians, decked out in over-the-top outfits and capable of delivering with the technical precision, yet lighthearted and intensely energetic style that the songs demand. If you’re looking for a fun, endlessly entertaining Bonnaroo escape, look no further than Ri¢hie!

Listen | “Party Hardliner”

Watch | “Nightmares” (live at The Zombie Shop in Nashville)

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