El Ten Eleven or Turqoise Jeep Tonight: A Hard Decision

Tonight was a musical conflict for me. I was initially torn like Natalie Imbruglia between El Ten Eleven at Exit/In or Turquoise Jeep Records at Mercy Lounge, both tonight. But I made the decision to go see El Ten Eleven. I’ve been drooling over their YouTube videos and I’m finally glad that they’re stopping in Nashville as part of their tour. This West coast instrumental outfit eloquently layers looped guitar and bass tracks so fluidly and logically, like the process of engineering. And engineering sounds good, if you catchy my nerdy drift. Just check out the layering below in the song “Every Direction is North.” (And check out the guitarist awesome Beetlejuice-ish shirt!)

If you check their website at the link above, apparently the majority of their gear was stolen in Los Angeles right before they kicked off their tour. That’s not cool. Come out and support the show, and maybe give a donation if you can.

I’m a little perturbed that Turquoise Jeep Records had to play at Mercy Lounge that same night as El Ten Eleven, but who am I? This musical obsession also began due to watching YouTube videos. A friend of mine put on a Turquoise YouTube video of the song “Lemme Smang It” at a party in Chattanooga. It was absolutely hilarious because of the lyrics, the rap attire of rappers Yung Humma and Flynt Flossy, and the seemingly complacent female dancers. I thought it was a complete joke: that was just a bunch of dudes messing around and that no live performance would ever happen. Boy was I wrong. I’m so mad I’m missing this. But anyway, check out the video for “Lemme Smang It” and “Fried or Fertilized” below. (I mean, I just can’t take rap seriously unless it’s done on the railroad tracks.)

You can make your own decision for Thursday night, but I might have to track you down if you go see Turquoise Jeep Records at Mercy Lounge and find out just how ridiculously awesome it was.

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