Bonnaroo Band of the Day: Comedy Tent Edition, Part 2


Many ‘Roovians probably can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Comedy Tent on their hallowed Manchester grounds but, in actuality, Bonnaroo didn’t discover its funny bone until it’s 3rd year: 2004. That makes this summer the 10th anniversary of the Comedy Tent, and it might just be the strongest lineup yet! We already knew that Daniel Tosh would be there, but the festival finally spilled the beans on the rest of the bunch. Check out an announcement video from David Cross, followed by a quick preview of the the second of the comedy lineup!

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Bonnaroo Comedian | Nikki Glaser
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 12AM; Friday @ 12:45PM; Saturday @ 12:45

First gaining notoriety as a contest on Last Comic Standing, then transitioning to the podcast and, recently, MTV circuit, standup comic Nikki Glaser is a sharp and confident observational comedian. Her style is very topical and generational, yet often personal and enjoyably conversational. She’s sure to be a hit at Bonnaroo!

Watch | A clip of Nikki on Conan

More from Nikki Glaser | Website | Twitter | Facebook


Bonnaroo Comedian | Improvised Shakespeare Company
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Sunday @ 4:30, 6:15

The Improvised Shakespeare Company is exactly what is sounds like: an incredibly talented troupe of comedians who perform completely improvised plays in the style, themes, and language of Shakespeare. Hailing from Chicago, they’re one of the most skilled and entertaining improv groups around, Shakespeare twist aside. Don’t miss them!

Watch | A clip of one of the ISC’s performances

More from the Improvised Shakespeare Company | Website | Twitter | Facebook


Bonnaroo Comedian | Chris Gethard
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 12AM; Friday @ 12:45PM

As an actor, published author, and NPR darling, Chris Gethard is the thinking man’s comedian. He’s not as known for his standup as some of this other projects (especially The Chris Gethard show), but his routine is a smart, observational extension of his personality. Also, Gethard walked from LA to Bonnaroo last summer.

Watch | An intimate clip of Gethard performing standup

More from Chris Gethard | Website | Twitter | Facebook


Bonnaroo Comedian | Michael Che
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 10PM; Friday @ 2:30PM; Saturday @ 12:45

New York comedian Michael Che is one of the most promising up and comers in the standup scene. Che’s smart, socially conscious, youth-geared situational standup is fresh, blunt, and laid-back in its delivery. As one of the hardest working new comedians in the game, Michael is sure to be a household name in no time.

Watch | A Clip of Che on the Late Show with David Letterman

More from Michael Che | Website | Twitter


Bonnaroo Comedian | Kyle Dunnigan
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 6PM, 8PM; Thursday @ 12AM

Kyle Dunnigan is perhaps most recognizable from his role on Reno 911!, but, even though he’s a gifted character actor and musician, his standup is where he truly shines. His surreal take on situational comedy, utilizing his acting chops to accentuate his delivery, makes him one of the most entertaining performers around.

Watch | A clip of Dunnigan from The Super Serious Show

More from Kyle Dunnigan | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify


Bonnaroo Comedian | James Adomian
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Saturday @ 12:45, 4:30; Sunday @ 2:45PM

Actor/standup comic James Adomian is best-known for his associations with Comedy Bang! Bang! and Earwolf, along with many of the ‘Roo comedians this summer. His brash, personal style, internet presence, and acting and writing credits make him one of the most exciting smaller comics on this year’s bill!

Watch | A clip of James from The Super Serious Show

More from James Adomian | Website | Twitter | Facebook


Bonnaroo Comedian | Jared Logan
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Saturday @ 12:45; Sunday @ 4:30, 6:15

Originally hailing from West Virginia, Jared Logan has developed a great personal storytelling approach to his own flavor of observational humor. You may recognize him from John Oliver’s New York Standup Show or from the recently relaunched Best Week Ever on VH1, but his standup routine is where Jared really shines!

Watch | A clip of Logan performing at the UCB East theater

More from Jared Logan | Website | Twitter


Bonnaroo Comedian | Jerrod Carmichael
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Friday @ 4:30PM, 6:30PM

Since moving to LA just a few years ago, rising standup talent Jerrod Carmichael has been earning a ton of recognition as one of the best young comics to keep an eye on. His unapologetic  observational style and confident delivery even earned him an opening spot on tour with Bonnaroo headliner Daniel Tosh.

Watch | A clip of Jerrod performing at The Laugh Factory

More from Jerrod Carmichael | Twitter


Bonnaroo Comedian | Cristela Alonzo
Stage & Time: | Comedy Tent | Thursday @ 6PM, 8PM; Friday @ 12:45PM

Cristela Alonzo spent several years writing for Comedy Central before appearing on Last Comic Standing in 2010. Since then, she’s been actively appearing in acting roles, performing in specials, and honing her personal, story-based observational standup routine. She’s one of the best up and coming comics on the scene!

Watch | Alonzo’s appearance on Conan

More from Cristela Alonzo | Website | Twitter | Facebook


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