Nashville’s 2013 SXSW Shout Outs

Now that the collective hangover is fading, the news outlets are starting to publish their best of lists from this year’s South By Southwest.  If you didn’t see we published our recap a couple of days ago, and it’s been fun to see who we were standing next to.  It’s even more fun to see so many of our beloved friends and favorites around town getting shout outs through other media sources.  There aren’t any real surprises in the non-Nashvillian’s finds, but there are some funny descriptions as the flood of internet news tries to differentiate itself.  I’m not going to try to further differentiate, rather just recycle material to give our hometown heroes more shout outs.

We already mentioned the shout out that Luella & The Sun got from NPR’s Ann Powers, but, hey, we love Luella and her crew, so we’ll certainly rehash that information.

Paste ranked Nashville’s Leagues and The Weeks in their Top 25 moments from SXSW.

Spin gave pseudo shout outs to Diarrhea Planet and Caitlin Rose in their 50 best things from SXSW.  DP took home the title for the Band With The Most Repulsive Name.  Caitlin, on the other hand, earner her honor for Salvaging An Otherwise Lackluster Show.

Los Angeles Times gave a shout out to William Tyler for his dedication to the “Heaven’s Gate.”

CMJ pseudo-guiltily admitted to hanging out for another romp with Pujol rather than following the editor’s orders to find new music.

The music blog Pretty Much Amazing gave another shout out to Diarrhea Planet, and a shout out to Nashville fresh face Torres.  They tagged DP as “Next Big… Pop Punks and Torres took home the “Next Big… Unabashed Tearjerker” label.  While I doubt either of these notes are going to be framed on the rehearsal space wall for either, any coverage is good coverage, right?

Pitchfork didn’t give a shout out to anyone in Nashville specifically.  Maybe they were still licking their wounds from that Dave Grohl sting, or maybe they were out taking these absolutely fantastic photos.


  1. Torres also got some love from NPR

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