No Country Video Premiere: Brooke Annibale’s “Middle of the Mess”

Pittsburgh native turned Nashvillian (by way of Belmont, naturally), Brooke Annibale is set to release her new 6 song EP, Words In Your Eyes, today and celebrate with a set at The Listening Room tomorrow night.  No Country has the pleasure of debuting her brand spankin’ new video for “Middle of the Mess” and chatting with the artist herself. Check out the video below, get to know her better with the interview, and then head on over to Itunes where you can grab her EP that just went up for sale!

No Country: What’s happening right now that you’re really excited about?
Brooke Annibale: Well, I’m releasing a new 6 song EP on February 5! I feel like I put more of myself into the recording of these songs than ever before.  I worked on the EP here in Nashville with my friend from college (Belmont), Justin March. He is an engineer at The Smoakstack studio in Berry Hill. I made my last full length record there. With these songs, we started from the ground up basically. We’d start recording and see how much we could put on the songs on our own. I played some different instruments, like vibraphone, marimba, piano and other stuff, just because we had access to experiment with it. It’s also kind of different because the acoustic guitar is actually the minority instrument on this EP. Only 2 of the songs were recorded with acoustic as the main guitar. I played electric on 3 others and ukelele on one. It was the first song I ever wrote on a ukelele, too! I’m really excited about what we put together and I hope those that listeners will be also!

NC: Can you give us a little background on the video?
BA: The video was shot by Strange Bird Media. We decided we wanted to stick with a similar theme and style as the photos I had taken which had this park and nature feel. Weston, the main videographer at Strange Bird Media decided on shooting in Shelby Park on the east side. It was a pretty cold January day when we shot it, but it was a good day to fit the feel of the song. Not quite dark, but definitely a bit moody.

NC: What other local acts do you love?
BA: Nashville has such a great local music scene and I think that’s one of the most inspiring things about living here. I’ve always been a fan of Katie Herzig, and Leagues is a new favorite.

NC: What big plans do you have for 2013?
BA: Well beyond releasing this EP on February 5th, I’m planning on doing a lot more shows. I haven’t stopped writing and have already started recording more music for whatever the next project ends up being. Traveling is definitely going to be a big part of 2013!

NC: Which is your favorite local venue?
BA: My favorite local venue has to be the Ryman. I’ve seen so many good shows there. Of course it would be a dream come true to perform there someday!

More with Brooke Annibale: Site | Fbook | Twitter | Youtube

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